On days like this, there’s nothing more delightful than a pot of hot tea and a sweet treat when you need a break from the hectic pace of life. Here are a few of our favourite tea and treat pairings: Our housemade Cranberry Chocolate Shortbread is a rich, decadent treat. Rich Tea. The almost caramel-like notes of the hojicha will blow your socks off. Its powerful crunch gives you an instant hit of citrus, followed by the mouth-filling warmth of ginger. Let us know in the Comments section below. The creaminess of the cookies partner well with the high astringency of black tea. The lightness of Shiroi Koibito butter cookies with their white chocolate filling goes wonderfully with a white peach cold brew tea. The tea is also known as “Milk Oolong” because of its creamy, smooth taste. Our delicate Rosemary Olive Oil Shortbread is light and flaky, with a savoury herbal note and a hint of sea salt. The sharp, almost bitter taste of the lemon tea is interchangeable and works well with many biscuits. Creamy Vanilla Rooibos herbal tea complements the chocolate and berries, while undertones of nutty almonds add depth. Wagashi, or traditional Japanese sweets, are typically served with green tea. You may have found that floral teas are difficult beverages to pair with anything, particularly rose and lavender teas as they have such a defined, sweet scent and taste. In the U.K., black tea is often enjoyed with digestives, a semi-sweet wheat flour biscuit. Pair it with Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory salt and camembert cheese cookies, a savory yet sweet cookie that is perfect for tea time. Here in Vancouver, the weather is turning cool and rainy. To fully experience this tea, it is best to enjoy it straight, without milk. Less overpowering than black tea, and not as grassy as green teas like gyokuro, hojicha tea’s milder flavor makes it easy to enjoy with many kinds of foods, both savory and sweet. For best results always serve green tea without milk, and enjoy once the water has cooled. If you have foods or sweets that are rich, black teas go well with them because of their robust flavor. This traditional Chinese tea is also full of health benefits for you to enjoy, including the reduction of high cholesterol levels and inflammatory disorders. Hokkaido White Raspberry, a crispy cookie covered in a smooth white chocolate, cookies partner well with the high astringency of black tea, pudding version of the Hello Kitty cookie, Pair it with Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory salt and camembert cheese cookies, lightness of Shiroi Koibito butter cookies, goes wonderfully with a white peach cold brew tea, What To Try With Your Tea: Hojicha Shortbread Cookies, Download the latest version of your prefered browser. At least the bottom of the cake is biscuit-like... What are you favourite tea and biscuit pairings? Learning how to pair tea with food opens up a whole new way to enjoy exceptional tea. You can update your browser from the link below. BLACK FRIDAY SALE: GET FREE CHAMPAGNE KIT KATS! Discover your own favorite combinations with one of our Japanese snack boxes, which includes snacks, sweets, and teas! London It’s a match made in heaven. The tea pairing of champions. The biscuit is light and crisp, accentuating the spiced kick you will taste from the Chai, while the cinnamon gives the biscuit a distinctly continental taste. Of course, we always get excited to explore new Japanese snacks, but that’s not all. 2138 West 40th, Vancouver BCTel: 604.261.3070. Sprinkled through the white chocolate are dried raspberry bits, which add tartness to this flavor palate. The white chocolate in Shiroi Koibito isn’t too sweet, allowing you to appreciate the white peach aroma of the tea. Oolong Tea and Custard Creams Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed "Oolong is a light tea, half way between a green and a white tea – often referred to as a "peach tea". As a nation of tea and biscuit lovers, we thought we would do a little digging to see which biscuits and teas compliment each other best. After a moment’s respite, you’ll be refreshed and ready to face the rest of the day! They are often served in tea ceremonies, where their sweetness pairs well with the bitterness of matcha green tea. Fun fact: the original mixture used by Earl Grey contained black China tea tinctured with citrus from the bergamot orange, a fruit native to Italy – Britain’s love affair with Earl Grey began in the 1800s. Earl Grey, an astringent black tea flavored with the oil of the bergamot orange (a citrus fruit), with … 'These are just a few Japanese biscuits and tea pairings, but there’s plenty more to explore with Bokksu!

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