(prep) - how often do you... June 12, 2014 ¿Cuál es la contraseña/clave para el wifi? The most frequent verbs to talk about the beginning of an action or event are: empezar; comenzar; ponerse a… The following table shows the conjugations of these verbs in Present Tense.. I know new verbs are added to English & I'm sure as well there's not an "official" list, but English has a standard way of making a new verb and I was wondering if this -ear pattern I've seen is the one Spanish uses to do the same. He writes his own short stories, and he writes scripts for video games! | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} These terms will come in handy no matter what Spanish-speaking country you’re traveling through. Is it a common thing to add "-ear" on the end of English (or other non-Spanish) technology verbs to make them Spanish? Technology is one field where phrasal verbs and new nouns are very common. This list of terms may come in handy if your computer crashes on you or you need to take it in for repairs. For example, if you see documentos / exportar / necesitar / todos, you would say Osvaldo necesita exportar todos los documentos. It means 'Osvaldo needs to enter the password to have access to the private file.'. Borrar el correo basura. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. What if I gave you the verbs imprimir (to print), actualizar (to refresh, update), encender (to turn on), and entrar (to enter)? ), (I want to download the new action film. There will also be a couple of examples of the past tense, both preterite and imperfect. Read about our approach to external linking. Muy bien. Learn key phrases and vocabulary to discuss different types of technology, their uses, advantages and disadvantages, and the impact of social media. Select a subject to preview related courses: I know; these are not easy, especially that last one. One of my friends from Barcelona used "photoshopeando" for "photoshopping" and I've seen the topic "Ps3 al fin hackeada!" This week I went over Spanish verbs that have to do with technology, such as to scan, to print, to email, to log on, etc. Change ), June 3, 2014 Technology AQA Spanish (Key verbs) Acceder con la contraseña. But, let's start with a list of vocabulary - Vamos a empezar con unas palabras de vocabulario: Now, Osvaldo, a creative writer, is going to give us a quick tour of his home office: Hola, yo soy Osvaldo y tengo una oficina en mi casa. Try to say them out loud before I do! :). In this lesson, we'll review vocabulary related to computers and technology in its natural context as we meet Osvaldo and get a tour of his home office and listen to him speak with a computer technician. 164 lessons 2. necesitar / pantalla / actualizarla / después / encender. Pretérito. just create an account. This week I went over Spanish verbs that have to do with technology, such as to scan, to print, to email, to log on, etc. 3. necesitar / contraseña / para tener / entrar / acceso / fichero privado. (I like chatting with my friends online. The SSL certificate presented by the server did not pass validation. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ), (Yesterday night I deleted all my text messages. Can we form some sentences with those same three words? Haga clic en el botón que dice 'descargue,' apague la máquina, y vuelva a encenderla. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal fui. They are all irregular, and “ponerse a…” is not only irregular, but also reflexive: courses that prepare you to earn Choose from 500 different sets of verbs spanish technology flashcards on Quizlet. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you for "PS3 finally hacked! Technology is a huge part of everyday life, whether in Britain or Spain, and our use of technology is always evolving. You may have to add little words like de, en, para, y, el, los, etc. 26 chapters | Dunno how slang is created in Spanish but I guess it's similar. ), Mi ordenador portátil es muy antiguo y no, (My laptop is very old and doesn't work very well. Con qué frecuencia? Tú eres. Delete the spam. In order to study the vocabulary well and in a natural context, we will have to work with some verbs as well, which will generally be in the present tense. and the comment "Si brickeaste tu psp no se que puedes hacer" (If you bricked your PSP, I don't know what you can do). Technology is a huge part of everyday life, whether in Britain or Spain, and our use of technology is always evolving. iba. Cuando entramos en mi oficina, primero vemos mi computadora y la impresora.

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