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Term used for a tenant-at-will (see paragraph 197). Kanungo or supervisor of patwaris (Paragraph 292-A). Students can prepare forr any kind of test including General Knowledge About Pakistan With Answers for the preparing the written test for NTS, JTS, PTS, OTS, JTS, GTS, BTS, CTS, Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF, Police, Rangers And All armed forces, Fpsc, kppsc, ppsc, ajkpsc, ,BPSC, SPSC, CSS, NTS, ETEA, ETS, JTS, MTS, CTS.

Conditional : imposing or depending on or containing a condition. Your use of the Service is at your sole risk.

Land close to a village site which is often heavily manured. From Art School to Medical Gowns - MedPage Today, - 15. لال کتاب Village note Book prepared in accordance with Rule 71 of Land Revenue Rules, 1968 for each revenue Estate comprising eleven (11) statements showing the all particulars of a revenue Estate. Part out of a whole (Instruction 3, Appendix VIII). labour for which they are responsible. اعلٰی مالک Superior owners, now they have become extinct after Land Reform. Hand-book for the guidance of district revenue officers in carrying out of the provisions of the settlement. Land Record Manual. Village administration paper, same as wajib-ul-arz. محال “Revenue Estate” means any area:-(i). An area statement abstracted from the khasra (q.v) annual area statement. سیاہ Daily cash account of a Tehsil. A man who owners the land actually in his possession; but has no share in the common property of the village community (see paragraph 142). دخیلکار مورثی یا مستقل Occupancy tenants (due to implementation of Land Reforms, they have almost acquired the rights of ownership. کنکُوت یاکَن Appraisement of crops. We strongly advise you to read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of any third-party web sites or services that you visit.

A kind of land revenue farmer (see paragraph 172). This Terms and Conditions template is free to download and use for your website or mobile app. According to rule 14 of the Tenancy Rules, it is sown during the period from 1st April to 31st May and its crop inspection (گرداوری) is done in October.

Which has been separately assessed to land revenue: (iii).

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شجرہ نسب مالکان Genealogical tree of owners of land of a revenue estate. مشتری بخانہ کاشت A vendee whose name is shown in cultivation column of Register Haqdaran Zamin and not in owners’ column.

The system under which the amount to be collected for common village expenses in fixed at a definite percentage on the land revenue. Pakistan General Knowledge MCQs provision is primary purpose of the website. Every day we have weather conditions and yesterday was no exception.

مسل میعادی Periodical Record i.e. Hackney shooting: Woman in life-threatening condition - BBC News, - 3 of 7. The word You can get more than one meaning for one word in Urdu. 3. for which a separate record of rights has been made: Old fallow (for full explanation see paragraph 267).

A surcharge of 5 per cent on the revenue paid to village headmen. جنسوار Statement/return of crops for every particular harvest. As we get many legal queries regarding such terms as those listed and explained below, especially from our foreign clients having to deal with the local estate law of Pakistan, we have prepared a humble and non-exhaustive list with explanations about these terms.We truly hope this can help our clients. 61. 4. آبادی دیہہ/آبادی Inhabited site of a village. 4.

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