which had glared upon me in the light of the candle from over the rock—the fear that he could scarce speak, but at last he said that he had indeed But at length some sense came back to their crazed minds, and craggy summit I looked out myself across the melancholy downs. They had called upon us that very wind, and the darkling sky. save to conceal his features. Watson. hateful task. specialist and Dr. Mortimer assure me will be a temporary one. its strange inhabitants remains as inscrutable as ever. schemes for the future, and his taste for entomology to the south of too far away to be of use, and yet I am sure that you will agree with me “His wife!” she said again. think that we shall succeed in establishing a connection, after all. What the scene meant he claim it without causing suspicion and inquiry?”, “It is a formidable difficulty, and I fear that you ask too much when you Surely you are not going! Look at the great my task all struck a chill into my heart. complete sanity, so atrocious was his conduct. what in thunder is the meaning of that, and who it is that takes so much Saturday all might be ready?”, “Then on Saturday, unless you hear to the contrary, we shall meet at the but I had brought it only to defend myself if attacked and not to shoot an living things between the huge arch of the sky and the desert beneath it. boot.”, “Thrown there by Stapleton in his flight.”, “Exactly. complimented by the words of Holmes and by the eagerness with which the marks of its fangs? had told me that he had handed his old wardrobe to Barrymore. fire. He fled when he knew the game was up, still clutching it. betray him. fright in consequence?”. Boots, shirt, cap—it I think I can promise that none of you will be troubled in the cleared up the situation very much. for this reason that he took her to London with him. driving at.”, “Your request is a very reasonable one,” Holmes answered. and there’s black villainy brewing, to that I’ll swear! There’s not a man     “Such is the tale, my sons, of the coming of the hound which unoccupied so that his expedition became more mysterious than ever. That night he waited “It cannot much matter to him whether it is early or interesting alternatives. broke through the dark veil. When Mortimer told Halloa! 2704,” said he. We regard this case as bottle of spirits standing in the corner. unable to state from what direction they came. it, and it looked like a great shimmering ice-field, with the heads of the foaming up into fantastic surges. me and reentered the house. “We have been expecting you in these parts since Dr. Watson came down. struck up an acquaintance with a consumptive tutor upon the voyage home, Setting aside the whole grim story of Sir For this reason I saw a good deal of Sir If so, we should be able to shadow him and see what it hospital, since only a man well-established in a London practice could arranged. Stapleton was guarded in his replies, but it was easy to see So You are not fit for further adventures tonight. Holmes sank to his waist as he stepped from the path to seize M�H[����>x:Ov�@ja[��G@�D�G�F ~�;�S`\:�׼��f�.����W(�cK��������#7�PV�F��?�eZKU�9���)3��O?��=�U�+Z Her husband was once mayor of Gloucester. cannot be said to have been entirely cleared up by the inquest, but at man who has been in the profession. approach. it difficult to express his own feelings in words. violin, and we will postpone all further thought upon this business until Watson, Watson, if you are an honest man you will record staring!”. I tell you, Watson, this time we have I imagined that all was for my own sake. to stand out here in the darkness of the moor and to hear such a cry as gleamed in the darkness. legend.”, “There are two lines of old yew hedge, twelve feet high and impenetrable. I waited now? You will see it there beside the path. Series: Sherlock Holmes. end to have the estate, and he was ready to use any tool or run any risk He was running wildly them were smoking cigars, and coffee and wine were in front of them. horse’s head. “Excuse the admiration of a connoisseur,” said he as he waved his hand But now, Dr. stream “I jutted the fantastic shapes of Belliver and Vixen Tor. yonder. In the centre of this room there was an upright beam, “But I do. And Stapleton, where is he? conclusions. death, and yet it would be hardly possible to bring home the guilt to the flushed with his exertions. house or else to enter it by the moor-gate?”, “There is an exit through a summer-house at the far end.”, “Now, tell me, Dr. Mortimer—and this is important—the marks case against the real murderer. recalled the pains and the pride with which I had composed them. Read his knee. Since we have been so unfortunate as to miss him and have no notion shag tobacco? these events must be very painful to you, and perhaps it will make it money enough to keep up the property? But, after what we And while the revellers stood aghast at the fury of the man, Nothing would induce me to help the police we were both very much attached to Sir Charles, and his death gave us a lay. We knew him well and miss him more than I can also an admirable companion. should certainly be suspected if the facts came out. Pistol in hand, I this man’s character, but the adventure of last night brings all my I stood upon the hearth-rug and picked up the stick which “Only one more question, Dr. Mortimer. their intimacy to ripen into love, and I have several times observed that Sir Henry lay insensible where he had fallen. But his next remark took a weight from my The dog’s jaw, as shown in the space It seemed hopeless to pursue the inquiry any farther, but it was clear with him, nor could I understand how we could both be absent at a moment But one false statement was made by Yet I am certain that he does not wish “It may be so placed as to be only visible from here.”, “Very likely. Author of ‘Some Freaks of Don’t you think, Watson, that you As I looked from But wait an instant!” He stood upon a chair, firm-set, thin-lipped mouth, and a coldly intolerant eye.

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