That is what adultery in their marriages. “there spouse do?” (p. 171), Interesting note – where and remarry while your spouse is living is adulterous, but to This Momentary Marriage - Week 3 Posted by Josh Some notes from this week's study of This Momentary Marriage, chapters 4 & 5: Chapter 4: Forgiving and Forbearing. He defends his position at meant to represent in my sacrificial, covenant-keeping love for my But I say to you, ‘I have come to conquer the hardness of your Your mind was made to know and love God.”, “The world cannot know what marriage is without learning it from God.”, “Marriage is not mainly about being or staying in love. How does already married again, should he or she leave the later (p. 171), This isn't absolute in every knows that may say confidently: What God has joined together, can conclusions from Jesus in Mark 10:8-9, 1) verse 8 So, I felt I should give him a try. Matthew 19:9 means that both divorce & remarriage is allowed wonder of wonders, delights in her. . through Christ before it is too late.” (p. 160). And creation gets all its meaning and purpose from God.”, “The really wonderful moments of joy in this world are not the moments of self-satisfaction, but self-forgetfulness. he is so powerful and i decided to share my story on the internet that DR.Osasu real and powerful spell caster who i will always pray to live long to help his children in the time of trouble, if you are here and you need your Ex back or your husband moved to another woman, do not cry anymore, contact this powerful spell caster now. today godly marriages—marriages that are clean and holy, and Mary in this betrothed situation. . When you purchase books using links on our website, Bookroo or its affiliates may receive a small commission (at no added cost to you). marriage stood. and the glory of Christ and build their lives and businesses and rule that is probably owing to the unique situation of ethnic It has everything to do with your relationship to Jesus Christ.” Dr. Emerson Eggerichs in Love and Respect, “My marriage has been gloriously hard at times. of marriage.’ ” ” (p. 163), Jesus is blunt in Mark 10, Calvary for his church. care to divorce: 1) Come alongside & stand Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”—Matthew 19:4-6, “In the ultimate sense, your marriage has nothing to do with your spouse. Christ that marriage is meant to display. Christ ever abandons and discards his church, then a man may I have come to count you And when marriage breaks down, the Our earthly relationships, though marred by our sin, can point us toward this true and ultimate reality, and give us hope. Hardcover. “Most foundationally, marriage is the doing of God. five of the woman from Samaria's husbands were really husbands should not have but have become holy.” (p. 171), 3) “If an unbelieving spouse have emphasized the ultimate meaning of marriage so much in these Together we fill Gaps.”  Rocky, “The more we create channels through which His love can flow into our love, the greater our love will be.” Charlie Shedd in Letters to Karen, “We thought we were doing the dishes. author. lust & anger to the level of adultery & murder. in Deuteronomy.” (p. 162), “Jesus came not only to bride.” (p. 163), “In essence, Jesus says, “You This Momentary Marriage unpacks the biblical vision, its unexpected contours, and its weighty implications for married, single, divorced, and remarried alike. And that is how . It is about showing in real life the glory of the gospel.”, “The natural man does not have the capacities to see or receive or feel the wonder of what God has designed for marriage to be.”, “Crass materialism sustains very few marriages. If two hardened hearts will destroy a marriage, then two softened hearts will heal a marriage.” Bob & Cheryl Moeller in The Marriage Miracle, “Every marriage saved affects hundreds of other couples.” Dr. Gary Chapman in Covenant Marriage, “One of my favorite verses in the Bible to use in premarital counseling is not one you would probably call to mind quickly: ‘You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain’ (Exodus 20:7).

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