Compound and (1833), and a commemorative chapel (El Templete, 1828) to mark the supposed spot where mass was first said at the establishment of the city. Yusef was joined in 1887 by Sultan Zayid, the black ruler of Jebel Marra, and Karamallas trusted general, Ketenbur, was defeated with great slaughter at El Towaish on the 29th of June 1887. Zwemer have explored Oman in the extreme east; but the interior south of a line drawn from Taif to El Katr on the Persian Gulf is still virgin ground. ), and pottery of all ages, going back to the chalcolithic The neolithic and chalcolithic pottery of Mesopotamia and Persia is one of the chief archaeological discoveries of late years in the Near East, and attention has recently been directed to it again by the important finds at Abu Shahrein (the ancient Eridu) and Tell el `Obeid, near Ur. Winckler, The Tell el Asnarna Letters (Berlin, London and New York, I 896). Learn spanish expressions sentences tener with free interactive flashcards. The average annual rainfall on the north-east coast, at the foot of El Yunque Mountain, is 120 in. 4. tenerlo fácil — to have it easy. In Syria there are tablets of conquest on the rocks at the mouth of the Nahr el Keib. Corrígeme si me equivoco, pero ya tienes suficientes zapatos. Check the chart below and notice how some adjectives have irregular comparatives in Spanish. A few wells exist actually in the Nafud in the district called El Hajra, near its north-eastern border, and along its southern border, between J. The siege being raised, El Mansura (the victorious), as the new city was called, was abandoned. Has difficulty understanding even short answers in this language. It descends to the level of the Ghor by terraces, deeply cut through by profound ravines such as the Wadi es-Suweinit, Wadi Kelt, Wadi ed-Dabr, Wadi en-Nar (Kedron) and Wadi el `Areijeh. north-west of Gafsa) and Tebessa in Algeria is strewn on both sides with Roman ruins; the old houses and other ruins at and near Thala; the baths and other ruins of Gafsa; the baths at Tuzer, El Hamma and Gabes. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Among the most famous were the expedition undertaken by Diego de Ordaz, whose lieutenant Martinez claimed to have been rescued from shipwreck, conveyed inland, and entertained at Omoa by "El Dorado" himself (1531); and the journeys of Orellana (1540-1541), who passed down the Rio Napo to the valley of the Amazon; that of Philip von Hutten (1541-1545), who led an exploring party from Coro on the coast of Caracas; and of Gonzalo Ximenes de Quesada (1569), who started from Santa Fe de Bogota. Powered by WordPress. x-` Q ..o(rlg el Vo n a 4 ', E tdhoven.r _ A ` '/; gi. It’s time to practice the structure for making comparisons in Spanish. Beautiful- What is the most beautiful car? In the number and height of its vertical falls and in the massive grandeur of El Capitan and Half Dome rocks Yosemite is unrivalled. EL TEB, a halting-place in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan near the coast of the Red Sea, 9 m. ALPHONSO X., El Sabio, or the learned (1252-1284), is perhaps the most interesting, though he was far from being the most capable, of the Spanish kings of the middle ages. on El Yunque Peak in the northeast corner, traverses the island from west to east and descends abruptly to the sea at each end. Welcome to this short grammar lesson. six weeks' journey down the Rio Grande to the mission of Guadalupe, near the modern El Paso, Texas. Parker in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Journal asiatique, Revue numismatique, Asiatic Quarterly, &c. (C. In 1814 Escoiquiz published at Madrid his Idea Sencilla de las razones que motivaron el viage del Rey Fernando VII. From El Jail Halevy travelled northward, passing the oasis of Khab, and skirting the great desert, reached the fertile district of Nejran, where he found a colony of Jews, with whom he spent several weeks in the oasis of Makhlaf. sentences in If you wish to opt out, please close your SlideShare account. Now, try to translate each sentence, realizing that you'll use forms of the verb TENER, even though in English you may say "am, is, or are." Valera in El Ateneo (Madrid, December 1888-February 1889); E. Pineyro, El Romanticismo en Espana (Paris, 1904) . Now, try to translate each sentence, realizing that you'll use forms of the verb TENER, even though in English you may say "am, is, or are." He showed courage on the field of battle, both in Italy and Spain, during the War of the Spanish Succession, and was flattered by his courtiers with the title of El Animoso, or the spirited. In 1854 he produced Rioja, perhaps the most admired and the most admirable of all his works, and from 18J4 to 1856 he took an active part in the political campaign carried on in the journal El Padre Cobos. The narrow canal, El Khalig, which branched from the Nile at Old Cairo and traversed the city from S.W. Gravity. of state railways, running from Corinto to Leon, Managua, Granada and Diriamba, with branches to El Viejo and Momotombo. The tomb of Thethotp at El Bersha, celebrated for the scene of the transport of a colossus amongst its paintings, was finished in. Pequeño (tamaño) – Un teléfono móvil es más pequeño que una computadora. 7 RaUL%ELQv el 1 3avLAEla Obpa[vW i(rTLV; Ta 0bp[avOU Kai Br7PiWV TL brro 7 7 As cal IXBbes T7 7 BaXc4[(rv7) oirrot lXKov- b//as cal i 7 QaQ[L%Eia ObpavWv Evtos bpWV [i](rTL [Kai 6(rrLS «v yvcw rain-7 7 v Eup17[vEl... der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, &c. (C. Masudi, who saw the maps in the Horismos or Rasm el Ard, a description of which was engraved for King Roger of Sicily upon a silver plate, or the rectangular map in 70 sheets which accompanies his geography (Nushat-ul Mushtat) take rank with Ptolemy's work. Arabi also attended lectures at the mosque El Azhar and acquired a reputation as an orator. EL WAD, a town in the Algerian Sahara, 125 m. El Wad is one of the most interesting places in Algeria. El Ansador Comercial (1868; evening) is devoted almost exclusively to commercial and financial news. The necropolis extends from Kurna in the north through Drah abu'l nagga, the Assasif, and Shekh abd el Kurna to Kurnet Murrai of Medinet Habu. Public opinion in England was strongly O,~~iam~ impressed by the fact that the Egyptian garrisons of batEles of Tokar and Sinkat were perishing within striking dis- El Teb and Lance of the Red Sea littoral. Along the shores of the Caspian, particularly in Gilan and Mazandaran, and of the Persian Gulf from the mouth of the Shatt el Arab down to Bander Abbasi, the air during a great part of the year contains much moisturedry- and wet-bulb thermometers at times indicating the same temperatureand at nights there are heavy falls of dew.

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