Oh, one of "those" guys... Yea they are always "special" and are a joy to deal with, he seems to have mostly moved on from MCU/DCEU stuff and became a puppet for a guy that thinks TR and Mandrakk are real, a really fun bunch. Do you actually want to debate this? 4) And his justification ? 1) LMAO ! That's a prowess in itself.

Obviously, if you dealt in all the minutia of every storyline since Identity Crisis or earlier, you’d go nuts – so what was your personal line in the sand that you used in writing Final Crisis in regards to what “mattered” and what didn’t? Do keep on crying though, Detectivesummerset/Agent of Chaos. Follow 14573. Hmm..... i don´t know where i would put TOBA Hulk, because Sinbad has some kind of divine protection from higher realities. Not exactly sure on Mxy. You ran away because you couldn't do anything about proof presented , and you're trying to bluff your way out now. So with Multiversity, Grant announced that there was a second infinite Multiverse out there, and now we're creating brand new worlds to populate that with the same hope — that they have the same weight and gravitas that ultimately make them a part of our existing lore and continuity. @onlyoneempereor: I got more votes, cry more please. To call him Hulk … Agreed on Lucifer, Presence, Endless >>>> TR. It's best to just laugh at him. I've never seen anyone cry so much about someone else losing a CAV lol. Don't know about this Sinbad guy, but from what I know about the Hulk he should win. So I did some research and linked you the confirmation that the comic scans you posted are non canon , the Monarch ones. This was going to be done sooner or later.... Hulk de-creates him and then goes on to eat Mandrakk. LMAO. Your argument is destroyed by this. You are literally still crying about it lol, I've never seen anything like this... @onlyoneempereor: He hasn't read Final Crisis. @iflated3go: He's a gigantic troll that also has multiple alts that probably got banned. There wasn’t really much opportunity, or desire, to modify our content at that stage. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Countdown writers were later asked to ‘seed’ material from Final Crisis and in some cases, probably due to the pressure of filling the pages of a weekly book, that seeding amounted to entire plotlines veering off in directions I had never envisaged, anticipated or planned for in Final Crisis. Multiversity Too is basically taking the place of what used to be the "Elseworlds" line of books. You keep believing Living tribunal or oblivion can solo dc verse. The "pure thought" stuff is pretty meaningless tbh, besides all "divine" beings are made of thought as well, they are not physical or magical beings and the "heat of 10 billions Suns" can be as "profound" as it wants it still isn't a good look there, if it was "heat of infinite Suns" that would have been fine actually, but putting a finite number of it and one so small is pretty telling IMO.

Why do you lie? Final Crisis was partly-written and broken down into rough issue-by-issue plots before Countdown was even conceived, let alone written. Says the person who ran away after his headcanon was debunked. LOLThe people trying to defend TR are just making-up suff to avoid using feats. Because his original body is a hyperstory , as confirmed by Superman and the nil monitors , as well as the author in the scan I posted in my earlier comment ! TOBA Hulk vs god Sindbad kasya_carey.

After all , that's all you can do now. Scans from a non canon comic that the author has confirmed doesn't apply. You rigged it and you have no proof he counted it, I like marvel lol. Yeah you are strawmanning and using fallacies literally with every post you make. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Orion’s appearance on the docks and the Guardians’ response in Final Crisis #1 was written and drawn first. That's some new levels of cognitive dissonance. And J.G. So we gave him this forum to do that, with Batman: Black & White. @onlyoneempereor: There was nothing debunked. Currently the assumption is that he is. So in essence, you were handed a plate where between Death of the New Gods and Countdown, Orion appeared to have died twice. Mandrakk statements makes clear that he is the one from Final Crisis. Can you educate me on what this Sinbad guy can do? He literally ate: Galactus, Franklin Richards, Sentience of Universe. By the time Countdown #1 came out, I was working on Final Crisis #4 and #5 and JG was drawing #3, so we were already well into our own story and unable to change it to match Countdown. But I had read Final Crisis , and knew that those scans don't exist in there. Personally i am not buying the hype surrounding TR, i've been much more impressed by Lucifer, Death of Endless, hell i have been more impressed by Mxy's feats and he isn't suppose to stack up anywhere near guys like Lucifer. I was joking. @theanimal666: I did, seems like that CAV was deleted.

He constantly makes MCU/DCEU matches, most that have already been done before, rambles on about how underrated some movies are, hates Thanos with a passion, etc. Your canon proof is a random website ? i am no puppet, I still believe TR and Mandrakk wins as I did a month ago. GM: What mattered to me was what had already been written, drawn or plotted in Final Crisis.
And that's similar to "Elseworlds" — that's exactly what that was. DiDio: Grant loves to experiment with the format, and Batman: Black and White is really more of an experimentation book for him — stories with different types of visual interpretations. Hulk stomps. I didn't ran away. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Lol ! Who has TR wiped out exactly? @onlyoneempereor: LOL, i am so much in a minority i won a CAV with a 2 scans and a couple of sentences :). Nice alt AgentofChaos. The character TOBA is meant to be nigh-omnipotent Devil and second only to TOAA who is meant to be God or even his exact equal it's not 100% clear at this point, the character needs more feats and explanations regarding him to fully understand the character. @theanimal666: Get over it that actually that CaV doesn’t count. And you refuse to accept it , saying something like "I'm happy that you concede. ", 2) Yeah ! Atleast I can argue for movies unlike you who can watch only MCU films and not give a proper explanation why something is good. XD. @onlyoneempereor: There was nothing debunked. Wiki Points. 1) Yeah ! There is, however, a husk that looks like Hulk being controlled by The One Below All. The CaV thread was removed , so unfortunately everyone can't see what he was claiming. You made-up a personal interpretation of Morrison's words which is something in itself. Based on the hype i don´t know.

Thank you". Picking up with him here, did he wander to the docks from the battle in Countdown #1, or are his terminal injuries from something else? The meta-narrative isn't proof either...Comic Books characters are concepts at the very core, there is nothing more made of "pure thought" than comic book characters... LMAO !

I was busy on other stuff and I didn't feel repeating myself again. 2) Thought Robot is fueled by the ENERGIES of Superman and Ultraman , not Superman's narrative . @theanimal666: Accusing me of strawman ? Mandrakk:Rofl ! You are in the minority btw. Thought think and Hulk becomes another thought! Followers.

Still this Hulk seems pretty good at killing abstracts too and i think he should win. @onlyoneempereor: You can't cheat in a CAV, stop crying. First, hulk is TOBA’s child and both of them are drawn from the same tree (green door) and second hulk never killed it Lmao he simply “brought you guys some minutes” all he did was hold TOBA back not kill it, anew feat for a new hulk but he never defeated TOBA …
Haha !

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