The personal data that you provide is subject to our Privacy Policy. You always have full visibility of your transformer inspections with Transformer Dashboard. Transformer oil is crucial in the cooling process of a transformer. Fault Determination Test Packages serve to specify and determine damages and problems with transformers. You can trust that all inspections and lab testing procedures adhere to globally recognized ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. Fax 916-632-0300 Our core competence is the development and production of tailor-made solutions for cellulose based insulations systems. One out of them is our Transformer Oil Filtration Machine (Single ... ZRE Gdansk S.A. is a joint - stock company, established in 1933. Pre Commissioning Packages are meant to ensure that new transformers are up to standard before they are installed into your particular power system. Our top priority is ensuring accurate results for consistent transformer and substation performance. Testing Service for Monitoring the Condition of Transformer Oils. General and physical tests are suggested twice a year, dissolved gas analysis once a year, and Furan testing every 2 years for transformers in operation at least 5 years. Every industrial company possesses large power transformers; some even possess transformers that date back over half a century. The dielectric breakdown voltage of insulating material is a function of the water content. Electrical and thermal stress or chemical contamination can cause failures and reduced component life. For the ultimate peace of mind, our Mobile Diagnostic Technicians (MDTs) perform in-depth visual inspections and provide easy-to-understand reports via your own customized Transformer Dashboard ® . Transformer Oil Testing Routine testing of transformer oils and insulating oils on a regular schedule is an accepted industry practice. Accurate transformer oil test results are an excellent indicator of the condition of your transformers. Our offerings are designed to let you decide the level of detail you need to help you make critical ... Magnetech Industrial Services is a leading provider of comprehensive facility maintenance services from the transformer to the driven component. Transformer Oil testing sets,High voltage test set,Primary current injection set,Relay set,CT/PT tester,CT Analyzer, Relay testers, Micro Ohm Meter, Time interval meter, Auto variable transformer, Voltage dividers, CTPT tester, Winding Resistance High Epoxy Insulation Tan delta Current …. We also offer preventive and predictive maintenance, asset managment and engineering services. © AES Laboratories Pvt. For more information, refer to the NETA Standards for Transformer Testing or contact ITI. Transformer Signature Packages help identify the time-zero condition for each specific transformer. To detect such problems, an oil sample is filtered and the particles are analyzed by atomic absorption spectroscopy for excessive amounts of copper, lead, zinc, and iron. NETA standardized testing for the transformers, PE (professional engineers) to oversee all work done, Trained personnel that are OSHA and ARC Flash certified, Analysis of test results and contrast with previous data recorded for that particular transformer for any distortions, Diagnostics testing for insulation and oil systems, Oil testing and analysis of transformers that have oil, Make sure that the tap change for the transformer is at the lowest setting and that the low voltage terminals are open, 3 phase 415 V should then be applied across the high voltage terminals, Measure the voltages across each phase on HV and the induced voltage at LV at the concurrently, Raise the tap changer of the transformer and repeat the measuring process in steps 1-3. Try XPRT Sourcing. Welcome to Smith Brothers (Contracting) Ltd. We are an established High Voltage Electrical Power Contractor based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The degree of polymerization (DP) test is another means of assessing insulation aging. As insulation aging in transformers can be uneven due to thermal, moisture, oxygen and byproduct concentration, gradient samples from various locations are needed to provide the best diagnosis of the overall insulation condition. All transformers require maintenance and repairs to ensure that they are functioning up to industry and manufacturer’s standards. If you feel as though it’s time for maintenance and repairs for preventative measures or to fix an existing problem, ITI is the company for you. The company provides services for power engineering and industry in production of equipment protecting power transmission network, in industrial diagnostics and in technical ... Electrical services of guaranteed quality are the result of a combination of staff experience with modern and reliable ... One professional oil regeneration machine maker in China for transformer maintenance and transformer repair, our products are being used both in China and Abroad.

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