Although I would *really* love to see an unrefined mango butter at NDA, this will do for now. While sourcing quality unrefined butters & soaps for Kissed By A Bee Organics, the pair decided that other crafters must have the same problems and wanted to offer great natural raw material in bulk quantities to those in need. Rating: I cannot live without this butter! Description. Mango Butter - 100% Pure and Natural - 1Kg . Great consistency, very neutral scent. Similar to Cocoa Butter, in both composition and feel, it offers high fatty acid content, along with a high level of unsaponifiables, which together deliver softness, protection, and regenerative activity, to the skin. It is then mechanically refined and deodorized to make it safe for use on the skin. This Unrefined Mango Butter is expeller pressed from mango seed.It is soft, smooth and creamy at room temperature, and melts on contact with the skin. Description: Cold pressed and rendered from the seed kernel of the Mango tree, this highly prized butter is an exceptional quality base ingredient for body care products and soap making recipes. Our Organic Mango Butter is a fresh, light-weight, odorless butter suitable for all skin types to help support radiant and moisturized skin. 100% Raw and unrefined, Mango Butter has a smooth texture that sinks immediately into dry skin to lock in moisture and it can be used on the face and body to keep skin soft and balanced throughout the day. Description. Mango Butter (16 oz) by Sky Organics Raw 100% Pure Unrefined Mango Butter for Face Body and DIY Raw Mango Body Butter Natural Mango Butter for All Skin Types 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,122. Mango Butter is an extremely versatile ingredient, perfect for use in almost any skin or hair care recipe. The Nothing But Products line is the brainchild of Christopher & Akilah Amos. Mango Butter Refined, naturally refined, is extracted from the fruit (seed) of the Mangifera indica tree. I use it in everything from soaps to lotions and balms. Date: 28-Feb-2014 Loyal Customer Since: 24-Jan-2012 . Just wonderful. By: Chad, Timberlake, North Carolina . Botanical Name: Mangifera indica. It is a sister company to Kissed By A Bee Organics! It has a faint smell which is almost easy to miss.. Common Uses/ Benefits. Mango Butter has been used by the indigenous people of the forest regions of southeast Asia for centuries. Butters and More… Mango Butter (Mangifera Indica) is organically crafted from cold-pressing of the woody kernels of colorful Mangoes (Mangifera indica) to produce a creamy, skin regenerative butter that has a rich, silky texture and a mild, slightly nutty aroma. Mango Butter comes from the fruit of the Mangifera Indica botanical (also known as the Mango Tree) in India, it is considered to be India’s “King of Fruits”.The center of the Mango fruit seed is where this emollient butter is extracted from. $17.95.

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