But if you would like to say for example “I am an engineer”, you need to pay attention to gender. Captions 32-33, Lecciones con Carolina Adjetivos - Descripción de personas - Físico. with links to quizzes for every tense. Ser " can be a challenging verb for Spanish students because it is usually translated as "to be," as is the verb " estar ." It can be used, for example, to introduce yourself in Spanish, which is the subject of the next lesson. The verb ser is irregular, meaning it does not follow a common conjugation pattern. Ser. As you can see, in Spanish not only the nouns are affected by the gender, but also the adjectives. That's it for today. The building was built by a team of architects. Because my mom is a very difficult person. Real sentences showing how to use Ser correctly. Otherwise you need to know when to use which one. Example: Mi … In Spanish, they are rarely used. Here it is in the present tense: The Present Tense of Ser. Describing People in Spanish with the Verb Ser. Translation. 2. Um... Luis, this is my mom, Mom, this is Luis. Y ella es mi abuela Carmen. In fact, ser is one of the most irregularly conjugated verbs in Spanish. It's worth mentioning that the example above shows a very common way to introduce people in Spanish. yo soy I am. What is the meaning of ser? An impersonal verb is a verb with no apparent subject (e.g. The verb ser is one of the two Spanish verbs that mean "to be." El edificio fue diseñado por un equipo de arquitectos. Let's take a look. One of the primary uses of estar is to express localization. Carolina is thirty-five years old but she looks like she is twenty. "I wasn't able to visit her" — "never mind, you can do it some other time"; "I didn't pass" — "better luck next time!". Once again, you need to choose the correct form ingeniero(s) or ingeniera(s) in accordance with the gender. El cielo es azul. You can read the lesson nouns and gender in Spanish (1) to learn how to form plurals in Spanish. Ser is used to describe things and people. —"be that as it may, take your mobile phone with you in case they call, llévate el chubasquero, no sea que llueva, pon aquí las llaves, no sea que las pierdas, todo su ser se conmovió ante tanta miseria. In particular, when we refer to essential traits, such as height, weight, and physical appearance. — "because I couldn't"; (ya) sea ... (ya) sea: (ya) sea de izquierdas, (ya) sea de derechas yo no la voto. You can also ask people where they come from using ser: You can learn more about this subject and nationalities and countries in Spanish in lesson adjectives in Spanish. intransitive verb. It is no surprise that ser can be found in several idiomatic expressions in Spanish. You should always use estar. Spanish Verbs 123 is a new course from Linguasorb covering all aspects of verbs, featuring over 40 lessons with practice activities. Describing People in Spanish with the Verb, Los Años Maravillosos Capítulo 4 - Part 4, Confidencial: El rey de la estafa Capítulo 4 - Part 9, Leif El Arquitecto Español y su Arte - Part 1, Lecciones con Carolina Adjetivos - Descripción de personas - Físico, Lecciones con Carolina - Adjetivos - Descripción de personas - Físico, Leif - El Arquitecto Español y su Arte Part 1, Carlos explica - Geografía y gentilicios, Confidencial: El rey de la estafa - Capítulo 4 Part 9, Los Años Maravillosos - Capítulo 4 Part 4, Agarrarte: Grab some new Spanish knowledge, Making a Phone Call in Spanish: 5 Essential Verbs. -Eso a mí no me importa. The verb ser should be one of the first Spanish verbs you should learn because it is used to make the most basic sentences in Spanish. I root for the best team in the world: FC Barcelona. Ricardo is very... he's very calm, you know? SER is an irregular verb. That means they can be plural was well. There are two ways to express to be in Spanish. Similarly, he is an engineer is in Spanish. The man sneezed.). lo importante es decidirse the important thing is to … Bonus: Ser is used to make descriptions as well. Only in some cases you can use them interchangeably. ¡Hasta la próxima! it must have been about nine (o'clock) when he arrived; habríamos fracasado a no ser por su apoyo. Pencils are for writing, not for throwing. —nada, la puerta ha dado un portazo. An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. we would have failed had it not been for their help; llegaremos tarde a no ser que salgamos mañana, se lo comió con cuchillo y tenedor, como ha de, she ate it with a knife and fork, the way it's supposed to be eaten, con ser ella su madre no le veo el parecido, she may well be his mother, but I can't see any resemblance, de no ser esto cierto tendríamos que eliminarlo. Hover on a tile to learn new words with the same root. Ser (sehr) (to be) is an irregular -er verb; it doesn’t follow most normal ending patterns, so your best bet is to just memorize its conjugations. We invite you to try it out and don't forget to send us your comments and suggestions. Ser. Other uses of estar are described in ser or estar? whether she's right-wing or left-wing, I'm not voting for her; (ya) sea Juan o (ya) sea Antonio, alguien tiene que hacerlo, someone has to do it, (be it) either Juan or Antonio, —¡pero si es economista! The verb ser is irregular, meaning it does not follow a common conjugation pattern. 1. Describing People in Spanish with the Verb. In particular, we'll focus on five different uses of the verb ser that you can use to identify and describe people. When talking about occupation, you should not include either un or una. But there are two verbs meaning "to be" in Spanish - SER and ESTAR. the important thing is to reach a decision, it's three o'clock (in the afternoon), it's three (pm), este trapo es para (limpiar) las ventanas, the reason I didn't come is that I was ill, alguna otra alternativa que no sea la de cruzar los brazos y dejarnos llevar, —¿quién será a estas horas? … For new comers, it is not always easy to decide which one to use in some cases. Mi prima Marta es muy simpática. How to Use the Spanish Verb Ser When to Use Ser in Spanish. ... Las flores son bonitos. Spanish adjectives need to be in accordance with the number as well. Get a printable list of the most common 250 Spanish verbs, el hombre guapo, el sol amarillo). —será tu hermano. Certain features such as audio, Choose a language and start learning! El lápiz es para escribir, no para lanzar. Son las 10:00 de la... Idioms Containing Ser. Although they can usually be translated the same way, "ser" and "estar" are distinct verbs with different meanings. What does the Spanish verb ser mean? Alternatively you can become a supporter and remove the ads completely. A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. Linguasorb is free and ad supported, without ad revenue we can't exist. Caption 16, Carlos explica Geografía y gentilicios, Caption 25, Leif El Arquitecto Español y su Arte - Part 1. The verb ser is used to describe occupation. In particular, we'll focus on five different uses of the verb ser that you can use to identify and describe people. es un hombre que se dedica a lo que yo hago. Ellos son muy majos. The Spanish verb SER means "to be". Es muy guapa. And this is my Grandma Carmen. Es de creer que no lo maten, porque Carrasco tiene muy buenas aldabas, —no he podido ir a visitarla —bueno, otra vez será. man, dog, house). Paul es estadounidense, de los Estados Unidos. - It's ten dollars. A masculine noun is used with masculine articles and adjectives (e.g. if this weren't the case we'd have to get rid of him; if it hadn't been for him I'd have drowned, anda con cuidado, no vaya a ser que nos equivoquemos, conversa apagadamente con su mujer,no vaya a ser que oigan, hay que explicarlo bien, no vaya a ser que los ciudadanos entiendan mal, déjales tu teléfono, no vaya a ser que se pierdan, give them your phone number in case they get lost, llévate el paraguas, no vaya a ser que llueva, anda despacio, no vaya a ser que te caigas, creo que eso es así, es más, podría asegurártelo, I think that is the case, in fact I can assure you it is. Updated November 17, 2019. " For example; Since descriptions are made using adjectives, again you should gain the related knowledge about Spanish adjectives to make correct sentences in this respect. Paul is American, from the United States. Ricardo es muy... es muy tranquilo, ¿viste? Por ejemplo: José es piloto de aviones. El mercado ha vuelto a su ser, tras un devaneo liberal, la derecha eterna vuelve a su ser, Pasar el agua por un campo electromagnético no sirve para mucho porque, evaporado el primer efecto, el agua vuelve, Copyright © 2006 Harrap Publishers Limited, Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers 2011.

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