A short climb to the temple of Hephaestus. Watch out for the many turtles that wander around the site. When the Roman Agora was used during antiquity, it was called the Eretria. Take your time, and find a shady place to soak up the atmosphere. At the moment I recommend to read a little bit about this Agora in the Internet. They were called the Vespasianai, as there use was taxed. Famed as the birthplace of democracy, its influence on Western culture can not be underestimated. It is easy to see how the ancient Greeks would have seen this as the … I have put together some other guides on Athens you might find useful. Only ruins remain of it. Make sure to pick up a leaflet along with your ticket. We visited Athens Ancient Agora during the low-season, and had the site almost entirely to ourselves. Please choose a different date. Win win – we like that! 2. An inscription on the monumental gate says: “Athena the leader”, which indicates that the site was funded by Caesar and Augustus. This gives you access to the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, and a number of other sites for the current price of 30 Euros. Ultimate Guide to Athens – Access to all my guides about Athens in one place. If you only want access to the Ancient Agora site and the museum though, the entry is smaller. Sadly, it was destroyed several times over the centuries as a way to break the power of Athens. The roman agora is a public place directly linked to the ancient agora, which is Greek. Greece and its heritage value always attracts me. It is situated up north of the Acropolis nearby the ancient agora which had to be extended as it wasn’t convenient anymore to contain any more new commercial activities, as the place was becoming increasingly popular . The Agora was the very center of Athenian life. It’s good advice no matter where you’re visiting. It is best to visit the Roman Agora in the early hours of the day due to the heat in the summer. There is even a drinking fountain and benches along the way. Tickets are available at the entrance, and you can also use your combined ticket for Athens to gain access. The site is well preserved but additional marks would be helpful to clarify the parts of the agora. Originally, there were many temples and monuments, covered promenades, public wells, and much more in the Agora. You can check it out for free here – Audio Guide for the Agora. The Roman agora is a hundred and twelve meter square, surrounded by columns of ionic marble and propylaes that consisted of two gates. The emperor Hadrian much admired the Greek culture and wanted to respect as much as possible the original agora in its restoration. Like the Temple of Hephaestus, this 10th century church somehow survived the ravages of time relatively intact. Athens > a photo of the map, and refer to it as you go around the site. There were sixty eight places available, with almost no privacy which is normal since these places were usually used to socialize. Come and visit the oldest meteorological station in the world! I am discovering every part of the world by traveling as much as I can. Apeliotes ; east wind and brings a gentle rain. Visiting the museum first definitely gives you more insight for when you’re walking around the sites. Admissions are permitted half an hour before the closing time of the site. Raised in two different cultures, I've always been curious about what makes us human beyond culture. Zephyrus; west wind brings sultry weather but very pleasant weather in spring, giving a warm embrace to vegetation. How to travel from Athens to Sikinos island by ferry, How to get from Athens to Syros island in Greece, Athens to Serifos Ferry Guide: Tickets, Times and Travel Tips.

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