To server you better, we’re still in the process of doing some work on the site. Here at Honpo we don’t just sell wallpapers – we offer free tool rental services and organize DIY wallpaper classes as well. We believe there’s no age limit on imagination – this wallpaper collection is here to help you weave a bit of fairytale magic into your room, whatever your age. The joy and feeling that comes from being in a nicely decorated room are indescribable. The Metro wall tiles are ideal for a modern and minimalistic .. Hardwearing floor and yet highly affordable. When you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add value, life and vibrancy to your space, consider our range of wallpaper design and offices. This stylish design is perfect for all four walls or .. Reference: TS 8889-02Series: Trompe-L'oeil Volume 2Revisit your loo and transform it into a fashionably refreshing space! Meridian Curtains ,wallpaper in Singapore will then custom-fabricate each window fashion for your particular windows. To help make installation easier, We have a blog page where we guide you step-by-step on installing our DIY products. Got a question about our range of wallpapers, curtains, and blinds in Singapore, or want to learn a bit more about the installation process? The goal of our decorating consultants is to take the confusion and anxiety out of decorating, while helping you choose best wallpaper in Singapore. Subscribe to us to get the latest e-books on the most trending wallpaper designs! DeKorea strongly advocates homeowners to be adventurous and try out different colour tones, texture and decorative items and create their sanctuary with their own two hands. Hello Circus offer you with exclusive designer non-woven wallpapers & high-quality wall decor in Singapore. Our most popular products include affordable European wallpapers, premium European wallpapers, Pre-glued Japanese wallpapers, cushion flooring and Korean interior sheet. Walls are apt for creativity, and wallpapers unlike paint come with endless shades, patterns and textures, especially very expressive mural wallpapers which cannot be replaced by paint no matter how many colours you use. Isn't it just wonderful when our home looks beautiful? Purchasing from design houses around the globe means we stock an enormous range of German, Japanese, British and Korean wallpaper. Live richer everyday surrounded by the exquisite and marvellous beauty of wallpapers. Available in both Bamboo and MDF Wood, our standing desk exudes fascinating appeal and is designed with ergonomics in mind. Whenever you think about Wallpaper Singapore, you think about Honpo. Putting a smile on our customers’ face is our top priority, as we make it our mission to spread the fun of installing wallpapers. DEKORACK a highly versatile minialist interior shalving / storage rack. Making the decision to buy wallpaper can be a simple and affordable interior design choice. Fill your home with colour and character. In Singapore and other regions of South East Asia, people are most accustomed to using paint for walls as it’s a hassle-free way of adding colours to your house. We import our products from around the world, so that you can buy wallpapers in Singapore with the the very best designs from over the world. Make your usual room special with.. Pre-Glued WallpaperHONPO's Japanese wallpapers are sold with glue on the back.It is a convenient product that can be installed immediately after you p.. We are determined to provide our best service and quality craftmanship to our clients to achieve their design. The hemp rope connect.. A dramatic all over floral design wallpaper featuring elegant pearlescent flowers on a matt black background, shown here in opulent deep purples and g.. We are more than just a wallpaper specialist - we hope to spread this beautiful culture all over Singapore, South East Asia and build a community of wallpaper lovers who’s eager to exchange their experiences and inspirations on various home DIY ideas. 349 Changi Road,Singapore 419817, Business Reg no. With us, you can change your house theme/design with minimum effort and minimum spending. We cut out all middleman and import directly from the factories to provide our products to you at affordable rates. Our papers are durable, PVC and VOC free and easy to install. When it comes to design, everyone has their unique preferences; there is simply no one-suit-all design nor right or wrong. You are sure to find true diversity at the best retailer of wallpaper in Singapore. Our wide range of products include curtains, blinds and wallpapers of different functions, styles and moods, selected from the best imported designs from Europe, US, Japan, and Korea.

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