A water softener protects your home from hard water by eliminating calcium and magnesium ions from the water.

After that, simply refill the tank with water and salt, and it should be good to go.

It will wear down over time, which is why you need to make sure you keep your system in top shape. For about $250 a year, the customer gets four visits, which include the company technician inspecting the unit and adding salt.

Hard water is water which contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. Thanks. Privacy Policy | If the line Terms of Use |

Depending upon the results, you might need to enlist the help of a reputable, experienced water conditioning company for recommendations to correct any water quality problems. For example, ferrous iron is a common mineral and it creates nasty rust stains in sinks, tubs, and toilets. Next, disconnect the brine line from the brine tank and the control valve.Inside one end of the brine line, you should see a small cylindrical screen. Author: EcoWater Las Vegas Staff Copyright © EcoWater Systems, LLC. completed your water softener maintenance, until next time. Sometimes it’ll create a bridge across the tank preventing any salt above it from mixing with the water. At least once a month, you need to make sure your salt level is at least half full with three inches over the water level. Mixing it in with about 4-8 liters of water should do the trick. The best way to treat this is to scoop the clumped salt, dissolve it in hot water and put it back in the tank. Direct contact operations at warehouse retail locations have been suspended at this time in an effort to preserve those team member’s well being and the well being of others. Follow her @Angie_Hicks.

Water softener cleaner is also an option, which is really easy to use. If you’ve done everything described so far and your water is still hard, it’s time for a deep cleaning.

Return Installation and Service Technicians are taking caution to avoid contact wherever possible; wearing masks and gloves to protect customers and themselves.

Because most homeowners with water softeners are quick to notice if their water gets hard, they don’t have the softener inspected on a regular schedule other than having a water conditioning company deliver salt and spot check the unit for general function. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), How to Make Sure Your Well Water is Safe to Drink, 4 Attributes of An Ideal Water Filtration System, Anti-Scale Systems vs. Water Softeners Compared.

If the water

(Article continues below). The movement helps keep them in working condition and allows you to notice any valve leaks. This typically can be done on a quarterly basis by the homeowner or by a water conditioning company qualified to work on your equipment. To lengthen the life of your water softener and the water softener resin located inside the mineral tank, follow this procedure in addition to simply adding salt to your machine.First, consider the flow.

Once this is done, replace the cylindrical screen and re-attach your brine line. In order for this to be Water Purification home page And if we needed someone to come look at it, how much does that usually run? Many companies that install the water softener will also test the water for free or for a nominal fee. If the water going into your system is particularly difficult, you can always buy maximum strength or get an attachment that automatically applies cleaner for you. All high touch surfaces are being sanitized multiple times daily.

Our water softener maintenance program can help to prevent repair costs that might come from a poorly maintained water softener system.

Sometimes, salt builds up at the bottom of the tank. FAQ | Rinse it out, then fill it with about 2-3 gallons of bleach. Salt can also build up in your tank, creating solid clumps that the water won’t mix with. a fitting that resembles a screen, right where the hose attaches. Regular Water Softener Maintenance. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. We proudly serve Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, so if you have questions about home water softener system maintenance or if you want to get your hands on a new one, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more. How often should the maintenance of your water softener be done for optimal performance? All Rights Reserved. Use these five steps to diagnose the issue. This typically can be done on a quarterly basis by the homeowner or by a water conditioning company qualified to work on your equipment. hello i own a water softener ...when i purchased my unit i had it set to 3am ...since i had a power outage it turns on a few times during the day ...is this normal?

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