As summer approaches, many Americans are gearing up to enjoy watermelon. Watermelon can be eaten every day but keep in mind the right amount of it so that you can reap benefits of eating watermelon. Watermelon is a fruit yet it can have variety of preparation. It is in season, but it can also help hydrate you in the warm summer months.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'caloriesecrets_net-banner-1','ezslot_7',110,'0','0'])); Lycopene is a member of the carotenoid family. Watermelon can be the solution for you! It has plenty of water which helps boost digestion. How to grow watermelon? Vitamin A, B, and C are also found in watermelon which is considered good for heart health. Gourds like squash and pumpkin are also considered a member of this family.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'caloriesecrets_net-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',116,'0','0'])); A traditional watermelon has bright red flesh with black seeds, but watermelon can also be seedless red, yellow or orange in color. So keep control while consuming the watermelon. At all times guarantee consulting a physician earlier than you eat it each day. This component is beneficial in increasing the blood vessels as well as lowering the blood pressure of the body. These ailments embody coronary heart illness, most cancers, and fibromyalgia. Since watermelon benefits is high in water content it helps to flush out toxics and aids to a healthy kidney. This lycopene when consumed more than 30 mg in a day can cause side effects. Does Drinking Ice Water Burn More Calories? How to do abortion at home? How To Consume Aloe Vera Gel For Complete Health Benefits? Reducing weight is a major aim of many in a wide society where people are only surviving on junks. Junk food is one of the main cause of why the rate of obesity is increasing worldwide. It is also said to motivate sexual activities and improve sexual activities in males. Testosterone is the only most important sex hormones of the male body. Low ranges of nitric oxide are related to psychological and bodily fatigue and sexual dysfunction. Hence it prevents the heart from various diseases and strokes. Skin colour cannot be changed, but skin texture and glow can definitely be improved. Eating excess amount of watermelon can cause nausea, vomiting, indigestion, and diarrhea. Risk and side effects. 9. However, when you account for serving size, the impact of watermelon’s ability to raise blood sugar is low. Eating watermelon also helpful to increases the urination that is necessary of your kidney health. Your email address will not be published. For the remainder, it is necessary that they perceive the assorted advantages that watermelon has to supply. Watermelon seeds are also very beneficial for skin. Watermelon can also … option. Many people face mood swings due to stress and frustration. Now strain the mixture in a glass, add lemon juice and Watermelon contains high glycemic index that helps to control the diabetes. Hence, it is extremely important for every individual to take good care of eyes. Watermelon milkshake can be liked by kids and it’s very easy to prepare. Watermelon can also prevent the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. It can help to prevent the increase of power and prevent you from using the spectacles even in old age. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; Extreme oxidative stress on the liver might be dangerous. Watermelon mainly contains carbohydrate protein fiber and vitamins that contain B and C. It is considered to be a good source of mineral. Watermelon is said to act as a stress reliever. An excess of watermelon can be harmful for your health so the right amount of watermelon must be consumed to avoid its side-effects. It improves mood. Watermelon benefits being less in calories and high in water content helps to reduce weight. It can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and can provide many important nutrients while hydrating your body. We are talking about the 12 amazing benefits of watermelon and side effects of excess consumption of watermelon in this article. You already known that watermelon has the 90% of water which is very helpful to aid digestion. Watermelon can technically be considered a high glycemic index (GI) food which means it can leave the digestive tract quickly and raise blood sugar. In this article we have already discussed about lycopene present in the watermelon, which is helpful to fight the free radicals and protect the cells from damage. Watermelon is a source of minerals potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. People who consume watermelon do not show signs of pre-mature aging. As you know watermelon is rich source of vitamin C and vitamin C is most effective for your bone. Weight Loss Tips, Diet and Fitness advice for a healthy weight loss, By Holly Klamer, RD Researched Based Article. In such cases, a small of amount of watermelon must be consumed first to check if the body is showing any allergic reactions or not. Watermelon is the good natural remedy to treat the asthma. Watermelon has only 6% of sugar. This ultra-light oil doesn’t clog pores, so no filth can accumulate on the scalp. Ice cream can be eaten just after removing it from the food processor or you can keep it in the freezer for 2-3 hours before eating. Watermelon works as antioxidants and helps to prevent cancer. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; What is vertigo? How to do abortion naturally? Watermelon is not just a fruit, but it is a very good natural remedy to treat several skin, hair and health problems. Heart diseases are increasing at an alarming rate nowadays so it’s very crucial to take care of your diet. Watermelon is the best fruit to add to your weight loss diet in summers. Watermelon is also less in any bad cholesterol. amzn_assoc_asins = "B07RTK6YBD"; Carbs in watermelon are really less. Watermelon is said to contain 91% of water. Watermelon juice for high blood pressure is one of the most well-known home remedies to get rid of a high blood pressure. Watermelon is wealthy in L-citrulline, an amino acid that helps enhance the bloodstream. Men who suffer from various sex related issues are hence suggested to consume watermelon. Is watermelon good for you? Calorie Secrets does not provide medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; It’s a wonderful remedy for dry hair. However, The National Watermelon Board (3) suggests watermelon is a leader in lycopene among fruits and vegetables and contains one of the highest amounts of lycopene per serving.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'caloriesecrets_net-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_6',111,'0','0'])); Eating 2 cups of watermelon can provide about 15-20mg of lycopene. You can also add You can get several watermelon benefits while eating this amazing fruit. Squeezing a lemon over your salad can enhance the taste of the salad. Diabetic people must consult the doctor before adding watermelon Alkaline Water: Health Benefits and Risks. So you should start eating watermelon and grab its useful benefits for your health. It provides energy to the body which motivates a person to be active that automatically aids to reducing weight. Watermelon Benefits and Side Effects – Watermelon Nutrition Facts, Sandalwood Benefits and Side Effects- Sandalwood Powder Benefits, Eggs Benefits And Side Effects – Eating Boiled Eggs Everyday, Walnut Benefits and Side Effects – How to Eat Walnuts, Appendicitis Symptoms – How to Prevent Appendicitis, Surya Namaskar Mantra – How to do Surya Namaskar, Gooseberry Benefits and Side Effects – Gooseberry Uses, Oats Benefits and Side Effects – Oats Nutrition Facts, Capsicum Benefits and Side Effects – Capsicum Oil, Sorghum Benefits and Side Effects – Sorghum Nutrition Facts, Kiwi Benefits and Side Effects – Kiwi Calories, Avocado Benefits and Side Effects – Avocado Calories, Bay Leaves Benefits and Side Effects- Burning Bay Leaves. It must be interesting to know the benefits of eating watermelon. Names of Watermelon Seed in various languages of the world are also given. Start enjoying this fruit and stay fit. Here is a summary of the health benefits of Watermelon: Watermelon is notoriously sweet, but what may be surprising is it has a low glycemic load (GL) impact because of the high-water content. Now that you already know that this fruit is sweet to your well being, there are some fascinating information through the interval of this wholesome fruit historical past. Watermelon will play the important role to strengthen immunity. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Watermelon seeds are one of the vital nutrient-dense forms of seeds. All you could do is to devour one cup of watermelon each day and this can do the job. Impotence. Research counsel that vitamin C could assist promote wholesome pores and skin, together with lowering the danger of age-related harm. Psoriasis Symptoms – What is the best treatment for Psoriasis? Throughout 2000 B.C. Add 500ml of milk and blend it to make a paste. This may be one reason why watermelon is usually enjoyed in the summer. 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