A college degree in philosophy can focus on the traditional "continental" philosophy, in which you study the history of Greek and European philosophers, or on analytical philosophy, which deals more with mathematics, logic, and theoretical physics. Copyright © 2020 Worldwidelearn.com. Learn about a little known plugin that tells you if you're getting the best price on Amazon. That qualification seemed a bright idea. The ability to make logical decisions, to explore several possibilities for the best option, comes directly from philosophy, he said. The course curriculum for a philosophy major covers all the important areas of philosophy. 'It helps you to think slowly in fast situations,' said Karalunas, 22, expected to debut as a pro in January. An ethicist, for example, might draw upon behavioral psychology to argue that humans should lead a certain kind of life. This could be with the intention of pursuing a career as a lecturer or simply due to their love of the subject, or both. Again, the liberal arts disciplines do well, but again, philosophy tops the list. Classes in ethics cover the moral issues frequently encountered in philosophy. Every religious belief and field of science is subject matter for philosophical inquiry. The rest have to take their chances with even more unreliable probabilities. Learn.org. Which Schools Offer Christian Philosophy Degrees via Distance Learning? Both skills are really important for any job. For some that means a focus on soft skills, including leadership, communication and collaboration, each of which can be adapted across roles and functions, sources previously told HR Dive. Employers are likely familiar with research concluding that the typical employee's skillset won't meet the future demands of the workplace. Other related areas of interest include politics, ethics, international development and sociology. Analysis and synthesis of information is stressed during a philosophy student's course of study, which can make the student a valuable job candidate in other fields as well, particularly government work, social work, business, and even finance. Required logic courses cover different types of logic. A recent report by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology warned of employment polarization caused by technology, leading to situations in which workers with highly technical skill sets are disproportionately favored. In retrospect, he was right. "American Philosophical Association, reporting results of the 2015-2016 PayScale survey, "I now wish that I had strived for a proper liberal arts education. While the best reason to major in philosophy is that it interests you, philosophy turns out to be a wise career move, too. Subscribe to HR Dive to get the must-read news & insights in your inbox. Predictions of this sort are leading employers to strategize around their future needs and adapt employee learning programs accordingly. ""Philosophy Degrees and Sales Jobs", Inside Higher Ed, "...the numbers are powerful: a 50 percent chance of admission means that a philosophy major can fill out a med school application, then flip a coin to determine whether or not to send it in: heads, they're accepted; tails, they're not. The philosophy student is likely to study philosophical texts and common questions related to the field. With that grounding, you can refine your skills to a more technical method of analysis. 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That I'd absorbed lessons about how to identify and interrogate privilege, power structures, structural inequality, and injustice. more on the practical advantages of a philosophy major "Philosophy majors are tied with mathematics majors for the highest percentage in … The business-critical skills highlighted in Emsi's report fall firmly in the soft skills. You might be suited for a career in: There is currently no universal form of certification for a philosophy degree holder, since the career choices tend to be so broad. Students follow and analyze different types of arguments and learn to defend and present their own positions. Many students who choose a philosophy major will choose to go on to law school because they have been prepared for this field by the philosophy degree. ""Philosophy Students Score High on LSAT, GMAT & GRE", Andreas Teuber, "Among those with bachelors degrees, the median earnings of those who majored in philosophy exceed those of majors in any other humanities field, and are the 16th highest in a study comparing salaries across 50 majors in the United States. ", Psychology Today, "But if I could do it all over, one thing I would not change is my choice of a philosophy degree. These skills are promoted by philosophical approaches. There are, however, a large selection of professional and academic associations that an individual can join to receive current article submission, debates, and discussions with peers. It makes sense, then, that training in philosophy might be unusual in its potential to yield general-purpose tools for better thinking. Courses in ancient philosophy typically focus on thinking, starting with the ancient Greeks until the closing of the classical period.

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