where would you find them and what colour are they. If your ball is a female and has been in contact with a male recently there is every chance that it is indeed a slug.If this is the case you might just get lucky with some more eggs on the way. 1.1 Snails Plus, believe it or not, I like the bunnies. If you dilute ammonia weaker than 10:1, I don't know that it'd be effect? Dropped by the paint shop while I was shopping and picked up a few more paint shades that I now won't use probably (I won't say my mind is set in concrete just yet) and the guy who has been helping me with all the paint asked if I wanted names of some good painters. Naturally, the eyestalks allow for vision, but they also contain olfactory organs as well. Preferably something thats more on land.? Snail and slug eggs in gardens are often laid on the surface of the soil and usually covered by leaf litter or other organic debris. Learn to brew amazing java and savor the experience here, Photographers transform their barren backyard into an oasis filled with fruit, vegetables, honey, eggs and more, With more options for raising chickens, growing edibles and keeping bees than ever, suburban and city folk are rediscovering a lost art, Give ants their marching orders and send mosquitoes moseying, while creating a garden that draws pollinators and helpful eaters, Got a garden patch and a hankering for the freshest veggies and berries? Rang him immediately and he came two hours later. Have you ever seen large cooked tapioca --the bigger ones not the tiny minute tapioca. Then, the Ammonia - I don't know how you do it, Papou, with all the Hosta you have! Thanks everyone - great insights. I stumbled upon this page after trying to find out what they were and how to kill them. That means the 3 bedrooms at the end of the hall will all be the same but with my room all white otherwise, the second bedroom with the floral and I might keep the kids' room shades of green or bring in yellows, even oranges, I will see what I can find when I go shopping, the three rooms will have their own individuality. Is this 'Charlie Brown' scene racially problematic? Think I'll use Woodthrush's idea of getting the slug bait on them as they hatch, which is probably going to happen as soon as winter leaves Chicago in July. That way the first hatching ones eat the bait and die before they reproduce. You can spray the crowns in case there are slugs there so little you cannot see them,or the ground I suppose, but once it soaks in the ammonia no longer is effective. Part of the joy of the season on Vancouver Island is its calm, its meditative quality—the unhurried preparation for shortening days, cooler temperatures, maritime rains, all on the heels of heat and produce bounties. He is coming tomorrow afternoon to look at what we want. Seeing 5-10 around the master bath tub, and then them crawling on window sills, etc. First off, clean up your spread. Can Marijuana seeds still grow if you poop them out. They look kind of like that but they are translucent and have a clear gooey substance around them. I was cleaning the poop out of my three year old snake's cage and found a perfectly round, mid-sized brown thing. They do look like small crystal balls. I do like that pink you found but the bedroom has been a salmon/pink type colour for longer than I care to remember, so over that now. That scared the crap out of us until we found out they were not termites. The hall is presently a custard yellow I have in the kitchen and family room and I really like it so I think I will repaint the same colour and BH is very happy to have it for his room which is the gloomiest room (even without him in it) so I think it will all work well together. Does anybody care that jimmy cracked corn. Really gross looking! Westy, there must be something that would penetrate the protective coating on those eggs without harming the soil, wish I knew what. Since you count the eyes of your hostas every spring, do you notice a difference in their growth? Slugs look like an exceptionally fat worm with two snail-like eyestalks. The idea that mulch is your enemy isn't so. Get your answers by asking now. I was cleaning the poop out of my three year old snake's cage and found a perfectly round, mid-sized brown thing. It's a very light brown and kinda wrinkly. Ken, I have found slug eggs. I think I will keep his curtains pure white which should heighten the light coming in. Thanks. They are usually under the dirt, near the base of a plant. What is a slug egg? Baiting out slugs in early autumn, before they've laid eggs, can save you much hassle later on—and doing another round of bait later on in the season can target the hatchlings you missed. On the subject of slugs, autumn is a great time to apply some anti-slug defenses such as beer traps. And the insects, toads, spiders and all the other misaligned lifeforms that we need. Deliver a slug killer to the slugs. What Do Slugs Look Like? Looks like my sprayer will be my best friend this year. Westhill Consulting British Colombia After the pleasant busyness of the late-summer and early-autumn harvesting crunch, and before the winter rains truly set in, youll enjoy a window of fine weather and working conditions to do a little garden and landscape maintenance. http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?_adv_... How do I secretly bury the ashes of my dead wife at an Arboretum with a marked grave without being discovered by staff? He has talked me into reducing colours which I had been in mind to do so I have decided the green of my bedroom will look good in one front bedroom and I know it looks good at the back of the house so I think I will use it for the kids' room too. Could I raise a snake feeding it only fish? My south is your north, doesn't see any sun at all and the rooms can get very miserable. Nice to know I am not alone! PS That was an interesting website, Papou. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I've never found a slug egg yet, but if/when I ever doI plan to take before/after pics of them being treatedwith 10% ammonia treatment. It doesn't poison them it burns them. How about you, Papou? I've seen a few stray slugs already this season without even looking for them. Fall Landscaping Maintenance at WesthillsBC, Fall Landscaping Maintenance at Westhill Consulting British Colombia. I hate to use pesticides...In any event I like better to be vigilant during Autumn and kill as many slugs as possible....at least those killed won't hatch.. Speaking of ammonia treatments, remember last fall I got fed up with the slugs and decided to just douse them with a large amouont of ammonia solution on some of my hostas. So I am more than happy to test this process. Here's an answer to a direct question: HOW DO YOU KILL SLUG EGGS? :( Had a nice swarm of what the pest guy said was "pavement ants", but they had matured enough in their hive that I had 30 of them in the house one day that had wings and were swarming!

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