Anyone may ask me and I ask everyone whether I have benefited in any way by making myself and a girl unhappy. Challenging the Hegelian view that the Concept expresses the highest form of truth, texts such as Repetition constitute ‘a polemic against the truth as knowledge’ and suggest instead that truth must be grasped in terms of ‘subjectivity’ or ‘inwardness’. In the Phaedo we find Socrates discoursing on the acquisition of knowledge as a recollection of things from a previous incarnation. No issue could be more important to Kierkegaard than the one that preoccupies Constantius. Recollection's love, an author [A in Either/Or] has said, is the only happy love. [26][27] He tries to find repetition at the theater but it eludes him, he tries the coffee shop and finally says, "I had discovered that there simply is no repetition and had verified it by having it repeated in every possible way". He sought to break the engagement, but succeeded only in stirring the heart of his fiancé to a passionate outburst, in which she begged him not to leave her. When you read the expression, it is easy to interpret it as follows: 'The beloved wife/husband is a repetition of whom one never tires/ However, for Freud and Kierkegaard, the repetition is central, the repetition on the basis of which a partner is ascribed a particular place, and not vice versa. Kierkegaard described psychological concepts before there were psychological concepts, or he seems to do so. Kierkegaard described psychological concepts before there were psychological concepts, or he seems to do so. 'Repetition' is one of his characteristic ideas; it signifies persistence in, and faithfulness to, a chosen course of life, and is thus opposed to the (esthetic standpoint, with constancy only in change. “Wiederholung” is “repetition” in German. Kierkegaard says one must act, not just think about acting. Repetition and recollection are two contrasting ways of trying to maximize enjoyment. His self must open itself according to its total concretion, but part and parcel of this concretion are also the factors whose characteristic is to intervene actively in the world. If Kierkegaard is correct, rather than being ourselves, we tend to conform to an image or idea associated with being a certain type of person. Those who have accustomed themselves merely to the repetition of certain sets of phrases in varied order, and who mistake this operation of memory for that of the understanding, will probably find it unintelligible. Kierkegaard blamed this kind of reflection on the novels of the past. [note 9] Kierkegaard-The Young Man says, "I belong to the idea. Constantin says, "This, then, is the thanks one gets for having trained oneself every day for years to have only an objective theoretical interest in people, in everyone for whom the idea is in motion! [note 7] Too many people want to read about love in order to find out what love is. Constantin is still pursuing repetition. Therefore if the production is to be meaningful, it must continually have passion." They both just pursued the idea. My student was having trouble understanding Kierkegaard’s concept of repetition and so he asked me if there were anything about the Danish term that would help him to make more sense of it. If a person lacks this feminine quality so that the idea cannot establish the proper relation to him, which always means impregnation, then he is not qualified to be an observer, for he who does not discover the totality essentially discovers nothing." [40] He says, "A poet seems to be born to be a fool for the girls. I would argue, however, that the concept remains central to his authorship. see pages p.8-12 and 21-24 for information about Regine and Quotes from Repetition. When does it come? I recall myself, just as the bank calls in its paper money in order to put new money in circulation — but it does not work. The first moment may overwhelm him almost to the point of swooning, but as he turns pale the idea impregnates him, and from now on he has investigative rapport with actuality. . p. 188, If I did not have Job I do not read him as one read another book, with the eyes, but I lay the book on my heart and read it with the eyes of the heart, in a clairvoyance interpreting ,,, Have you really read Job? <>/Font<>>>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/StructParents 0/Annots[8 0 R 9 0 R 10 0 R 11 0 R]>> I had so prided myself on remaining true to her, and yet I dare not. Repetition, Lowrie translation 1941, 1964 Harper and Row p. 134. In fact, knowing the Danish term for “repetition,” and its meaning can be a significant help, I believe, in understanding Kierkegaard’s concept of it. separation-segmentation-specialization-accumulation… or repetition-duplication-preservation-perpetuation. So gentagelse literally means “to take again.” And that, in a nutshell is what, I would argue, it means for Kierkegaard. Only a soft person could wish that Job did not exist, that he could instead leave off thinking, the sooner the better, could give up all movement in the most disgusting powerlessness, could blot himself out in the most wretched and miserable forgetfulness. But through these enormous efforts very little is accomplished for the glorification of marriage, and I doubt very much that any person by reading such books has felt himself made competent to fulfill the task he has set for himself or has felt himself oriented in life, for precisely this is the corruption, the unhealthiness in these books, that they end where they should begin. This can be expressed in another way: the girl must go. Where am I? Nowhere in his works does Kierkegaard give a direct definition of repetition, not even in his book with the word itself as its title.4 The book gives us two kinds of personality, two kinds of struggle, two kinds of repetition, and two levels of satisfaction. "[33] Journal entries seem to indicate that Kierkegaard was wary of marriage as early as 1838[34] and that he had a definite reason for breaking off the engagement. We have no views here; we've faith, as I've told you already. [47], Clare Carlisle described the internal and external struggle that every existing individual has to go through. And for that reason, and so as not to become life's fool, he wrote under a number of pseudonyms, of which each one constituted a 'stage on his life's way.' Am I unfaithful? If, on the other hand, he knows it, he does not need to learn it. Likewise, repetition that involves good luck and inspiration is always a daring venture. Dr. John replies that individual psychologists have different beliefs about God.

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