Adjectives are words that are used to describe nouns. Adjectives can be colors or words that describe temperatures and sizes. Remember that a noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. Ice Age, Water Cycle Writing Prompts Look at the following example for help: The strong, healthy man ran the marathon. United Kingdom Patriots & Loyalists “Our” shows that the friend belongs to us. World War 2 busy. ('Old,' 'green,' and 'cheerful' are examples of adjectives.) Hans Christian Andersen fantastic Mount Everest Henry Ford How do apples feel? marvelous This sample is exclusively for KidsKonnect members!To download this worksheet, click the button below to signup for free (it only takes a minute) and you'll be brought right back to this page to start the download! juicy imaginable degree, area of Calculate Change (Money), Number Line Sing along as we give examples of adjectives for a person, a place and a thing. View all remembrance worksheets, Camels tricky You might answer with the following (The bold words are adjectives and the underlined words are the ones being described): You can see that a few of the previous sentences contain many adjectives. Sahara Desert Be the favourite this Christmas and give a personalised gift straight from the heart. Often, the adjective is before the noun it describes. Chameleon Nouns are words that name a place, a person, a thing, or an idea. weak Win a Stomp Rocket® toy bundle worth over £40! There can be, books at the library, or there may be only a, red, yellow, orange, pink, teal, lavender, cotton, leather, stainless steel, glass, plastic, alive, famous, happy, silly, calm, gentle, odd, rich, This site uses cookies to improve your experience. From Year 3 onwards they will be expected to start using more sophisticated adjectives. kind Bermuda Triangle petite study 2) This place is very cold. freezing Adjectives are words that describe nouns or pronouns. Beginning Of Lent prickly Black Friday Promo: Save 25% on KidsKonnect Worksheets, Reading Comprehension Compound Words slick If one joke makes a person laugh more than another joke, then that joke is funnier. (color) 5. Booker T Washington and get FREE worksheets, activities & offers from, Identifying adjectives and powerful verbs. Lionfish, Millipede letters A-C. angry. It's a broken table. sparkling We will discuss more examples in another post. Global Warming, Food Chain Light In the above example'Innocent' is an Adjective,which describes about the character of Seema. Sojourner Truth shocking KidsKonnect is a growing library of high-quality, printable worksheets for teachers and homeschoolers. Graduated Cylinders ", able • acid • angry • automatic • beautiful • black • boiling • bright • broken • brown • cheap • chemical • chief • clean • clear • common • complex • conscious • cut • deep • dependent • early • elastic • electric • equal • fat • fertile • first • fixed • flat • free • frequent • full • general • good • great • gray • hanging • happy • hard • healthy • high • hollow • important • kind • like • living • long • male • married • material • medical • military • natural • necessary • new • normal • open • parallel • past • physical • political • poor • possible • present • private • probable • quick • quiet • ready • red • regular • responsible • right • round • same • second • separate • serious • sharp • smooth • sticky • stiff • straight • strong • sudden • sweet • tall • thick • tight • tired • true • violent • warm • wet • wide • wise • yellow • young. Enter for a chance to win £100 Asda Photo Gift voucher! Now that you're an expert on the difference between nouns and adjectives, it's time to put your learning to the test. {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | Example: "The North Pole is colder than Florida." Sons of Liberty, US Constitution Snowy Owl courses that prepare you to earn Phonics, Dramatic Irony (shape) 3. White House These worksheets have been specifically designed for use with any international curriculum. Diwali Whenever we are speaking or writing, we want to be as descriptive as possible. The adjectives you use depend on how you want to make the noun clearer. 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