Put out nematodes, spray with garlic spray, wash my roses weekly for aphids, fertilize with alfalfa, mulch, mulch, mulch. Sorry for so many posts. I'd like to see a photo of the damage, love my roses, because it sounds very similar to what I get only on only a very few of my roses, primarily, my Evelyns. Not sure of what I should do with my kitchen/den/ eating area???? The Evelyn problem was totally cleared up, as I mentioned earlier in this thread, with one dose of granular imidicloprid. My Rosette Delizy gets thrips and looks like your pics. I am so sold on their appliances, it's all I will buy. This post was edited by ilovemyroses on Tue, Mar 19, 13 at 20:11. Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. Could it be pigeons or pheasants as have lots of them around? What might be a suggestion, would be to remove rose if poss and put it in as large a pot as is appropriate and feed with slow release feed and a liquid feed to boost immediate growth so leaves can develop and it can photosynthesise. I think my 'anger' of the previous evening has subsided, so the artillery I had planned for today may wait. Evelyn is so full-petaled the bees have a hard time getting to the pollen, so dosing roses like that is a little safer for the bees. Rolling around? Especially LOVE the fact that it doesn't rock back and forth when you pull the racks out because it's been installed correctly!!! Here is a link to that thread with pictures: http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/load/rosesant/msg051830076224.html. It is 3 Garden Products in 1, INSECTICIDE, FUNGICIDE and MITICIDE. I have 2 dogs that each destroys in their own rights. Hopefully, with all those bluetits raiding your flowerbeds very few (if any) will survive to pupate and lay eggs next year - I think your best rose defence strategy is to nurture those bluetits. ilovemyroses. i have so many lady bugs and possibly those lace wing bugs (not sure on id, these look like them but are a half inch to an inch long at most). LOVE the fact that it's bigger inside and that it seems better insulated than the old one. So we bought a new one and just had it installed 2 weeks ago along with a new sink and faucet (I am loving this redesigned kitchen space!). You always have to keep an eye on them. go figure... Good luck! Slugs are a common garden pest responsible for holes chewed in leaves. Don't like the larger spaces on the top rack because the dishes don't fit the same way and the tines move funny and seem flimsy. and yes, indeed, although I did see some thrips, this is definitely bullnose. HOW DO I TREAT THIS ORGANICALLY?? Nematodes, truckloadS of expen$ive $oil year after year, mulch out the wazoo! Just on the ones getting the damage. It doesn't happen (so far! They sell this at Lowe's and it's marvelous. I've never seen deer around here or sign of them (no droppings or footprints) so don't think it was deer but I suppose could be. I simply smash them. Pictures. Agree with the poster above, the backsplash and cabinet hardware is where you can really express yourself, and ALWAYS put your overheard lighting on a dimmer, yes, even in the kitchen. Luckily one stem still remains and has a bud so hopefully it will survive! Sorry, folks, but I'd just had it with the extensive damage in spring. I've done this two years in a row, and had complete success. ANY OTHER ORGANIC OR MINIMALLY INVASIVE IDEAS!!?? well, it is most probably rose slugs if it's just on the roses. I think you might like to post this question on the gardening side of Houzz. I feel like I have done so much organically to prevent this. i don't want to resort to chemicals but i SURE am TIRED of fighting this losing battle!! Rose curculio is dark-reddish weevils that chew on rose buds as well. Green up your landscape even if you're short on time, money and knowledge, with these manageable steps for first-time gardeners, Encourage gorgeous blooms year after year with this time-tested advice on how to prune your rosebush in winter for health and shape, Grow beautiful roses using both ordinary and unusual soil amendments, Make 'cheery' the name of your garden game when you order your roses sunny side up, Want to add the beauty of roses to your garden? I've since fenced off my garden plot because it takes only a second for our one to sneak in even when I'm there but not looking because they see me dig, they think its okay to dig also... sigh... they're like 3 yr olds, lol. Another pest I find that does this are earwigs. EXTREMELY DISTRESSING!!! Hubby tried to anchor it but then I fell over it when it was open and it couldn't be re-anchored. Rose slug is a common one, as buford has suggested, it could be the culprit. I had a similar problem last year and used the Bayer product as well. Ditto the wall color - make sure it is derivitive of the brick tones (and paint your ceiling same as the walls, or even a shade or two darker ... just not white). It's driving me mad - any suggestions please?

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