The seat assembly as set forth in claim 4 wherein said carrier member is hinged at its lower margin to said rigid frame and said back support plate is pivoted at its lower margin to said carrier member. We are happy to help in any way we can with your dilemma with your sofa from Lexington. How much of your work space to you want to see when you are finished for the day? The frame is turned over and glue is sprayed on the deck. 2. Is there anything else you could do to your furniture to make it better? I will see if this company you recommend has anything close. One of the main advantages of the 8 way hand tied spring is it that it rides evenly with the cushion. Whatever it is that you are looking to do, make a wish list and prioritize the top items when meeting with the designers. A suitable seat adjusting linkage permitting forward fore-and-aft movement of the seat portion 14 and tilting motion of the seat back 12 relative to the seat portion 14 may be used, but such structure does not form a part of my invention. I personally select or review every piece of leather used in the making of our furniture and all the furniture we make for Casco Bay Furniture. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST (SEE DOCUMENT FOR DETAILS). But only the 8-way system gives the BEST suspension which for most people equates to more comfort. I like to call them scissors springs. 3. Brompton is a full Aniline leather so you probably do not have Brompton. Cushions are measured by foam density and compression. 1 is a schematic view shown in side elevation of a vehicle seat assembly together with a seat occupant in the form of a dummy; FIG. It is a fabric that is easy to maintain and clean. They needed to create a space they could both access when they were home. All of Casco Bay Furniture’s down wrapped cushions have a foam core. No.08/787,680, filed Jan. 23,1997, entitled "Seat Assembly Incorporating Shell Structure", which is assigned to the assignee of my present invention. At  Casco Bay  Furniture we use a hard edge and I’ll tell you why. Convenient slip cover and removable cushion covers for easy cleaning and maintenance. If they are sagging the upgraded cushions would not help as much. It’s all a matter of how you apply the springs and if you use enough of them. We also build these and other deep seat sofas for Casco Bay Furniture. We don’t take any short cuts. The flexolator grid is a suspension that is less common than coil springs and sinuous springs. In fact, we test our cushions by a crushing machine to see how they will wear. A good interior designer can be your link to getting the space you need and want. The IFD refers to the hardness or softness of the foam. We grew up in Maine enduring the harsh Winters and exploring the rugged coast of Casco Bay and its many island communities. In our factory and for Casco Bay Furniture we only use 5/4 inch solid hardwood frames…mostly maple, with some poplar. 2.) Most of us are pretty familiar with sofas. Those locations are intermediate the upper and lower margins of the carrier, but they are closer to the upper margin near thoracic cushions or bladder assembly 36. Based on the estimated scope of work, what is the anticipated work schedule or time for completion? Great informative article! They are identified by reference numerals 30 and 32, respectively.,,, Let’s face it. Economy and politics aside for a moment, what does it mean for the quality and styles of the products themselves that will be going into your home? What about the people who select and cut the leather? 2a at 56 is seen also in FIG. How have you set up your home office space? It is hinged at its lower margin 62, as shown in FIG. Whichever material you choose, there will actually be a different feel to your sofa depending on what you pick. The cushions we use are Soy Based, friendly to people and the environment and part of the Green Initiative. Richard, With all do respect, you discuss the process for constructing “8 way” hand tied spring system but don’t bother to describe what the “8 ways” are??? How good the foam is will determine how good the cushion will sit and how long it will last. Who makes your springs? Phone or email only. It is a wire grid that attaches to the frame with springs on the side (similar to how a … 1, an automotive seat assembly 10 includes a cushioned seat back portion 12 and a cushioned seat portion 14. It is important that you and whoever else will be using the sofa regularly gets a feel for it in person since it is such a personal preference. They require further a rather complex assembly procedure. If it is Brompton we purchase this leather from the exclusive distributor of this leather, although there are a lot of knock offs. TIP: When choosing a designer, make sure you choose one that has specific experience with bathroom renovations. I think it may be lighter than the coco color. In the past 35 years, I have only seen one Eight Way Hand Tied Spring break. The people there are great and easy to work with. Next is Pirelli Webbing, which is an elasticized cloth strung across the frame. Tim is very open to conducting factory tours in which interested customers can see the furniture being built. 5a is only one of several possible spring-types that might be used as a suspension for the carrier on the stationary shell. Flexolator spring suspension system Soy-based polyfoam seat cushions wrapped in fiber-down blend and encased in downproof ticking Fiber-down back cushions encased in downproof ticking Hardwood legs stained with a hickory brown finish Made in North Carolina, USA of domestic and imported materials No texts please. Keep in mind that full aniline dyed leather can vary substantially in shade. We never buy this type of foam. The leather for the most part is from Italy and the metal clips, called Klenchitz that hold the springs to the deck. You definitely know how to keep There is nothing else I can think of that we can put into our product it to make it any better. The leather looks and feels like brompton. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Here are some resources for American Made furniture. Chris we are not set up to repair the cushions. So why buy American? 5 is a cross-sectional view of the structural shell taken on a horizontal plane located midway between the upper and lower margins of the seat back assembly; and. Take this Design Challenge I had with a client for example: DESIGN CHALLENGE: I had a client who worked from her 1 bedroom apartment full time, while her husband also worked from home part of the week. 4a is a view similar to FIG. They do offer several different types of cushions including down over foam. This makes it possible to use a rigid structural member comprising a hard shell seat back design, such as the one described in the co-pending patent application identified above. We look at every hide carefully and match the leather for consistency of color and texture for every order. “Ultracel” 1.8 density foam with a 21 IFD, “Ultracel” 2.5 density foam with a 25 IFD , and an “Ultracel” Spring Down cushion. Hi, I do think this is a great website. Are there something’s to watch out for when researching the spring system of a sofa? In addition, this flip down table became their dining area when they wanted to eat a meal together which was conveniently located next to the kitchen and island for easy access and additional surface space. Every company has their own preferences and you don’t need to learn every in and out of each type, however it is important to know a  few of the key features of construction in order to know what to expect out of the life and comfort of your sofa.

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