The prehistoric tribes of the Siculi and Sicani carved caves into limestone just 50 meters away from our current kitchen: they – just like us and the populations that have lived here throughout time – could feel the incredible and positive vibrations of this area! Though they begin sprouting as early as March, we’d wait until May to dive into the asparagus dishes which are now guaranteed to be fresh and not frozen. October is also the first month in which you can find one of Italy’s most beloved street foods: roasted chestnuts. Delicate vegetables like asparagus, zucchini flowers, and spring peas are classic spring fare. The production zone stretches in a coastal strip across 10 municipalities in the Province of Siracusa, in Sicily: Augusta, Avola, Melilli, Noto and Siracusa, and also includes some inland areas, in the municipalities of Floridia, Solarino, Priolo Gargallo, Rosolini and Sortino. Though not used as much abroad, fennel is a staple of Italian cooking and a flavor that you absolutely must try when you visit. November has a special place in the hearts of all Northern Italians because it is the peak month for one of the rarest and most expensive foods in the word: truffles. Hire an expert guide and even a private driver to take you to all four corners, but don't miss out on the islands. Order the, Ah, Autumn! Eat broccoli rabe in the famous Pugliese favorite orecchiette con le cime di rapa. Of the other types, lemon enthusiasts might like to take a closer look at the 'monachello', the 'interdonato' and the 'femminello S.Teresa'. August is the month in which all the summer fruits and vegetables hit maximum maturity and flavor levels. The harvest of summer crops marks the start of this season which spans from the still-hot days of September through to the first chill of winter. | Photo by Marco Verch (flickr). If you think you can only explore archaeological sites on this island, you are wrong: Sicily is home to some Eden-like gardens such as Il Biviere, San Giuliano and Parco Paternò. The Amalfi Coast and Sorrento area produces several different kinds of lemons. These are ideal for families with children, groups of friends, amateur cooks and food lovers. Despite the urbanisation and industrialisation (see e.g. It adds a bitter, spicy note to salads and can also take center stage when grilled with lemon and parmesan shavings. It does not undertake commercial activities or sell lemons itself, though its members do. Spring marks the end of heavy root dishes and the start of lighter meals, prepared fresh and with care. Pinpoint your location annonymously through the The Siracusa lemon accounts for more than 30% of the Italian lemon supply. You’ll also find an abundance of clementines and mandarins during this period, which are especially good in desserts and as gelato flavors. The lemon went on to become one of the principal sources of wealth in the region, reaching an output of around 11.500 tonnes in 1891. Corporate Christmas Events in Southern Italy: original ideas for your company. Chestnuts are the other most evocative symbol of autumn in Italy, Fish have their own seasons – check out this, Italian tradition has it that the best, most flavorful cabbage is harvested after a frost. The advent of modern greenhouses and shipping technologies means that nearly all fruits and vegetables can be eaten year round. Grown predominately in Sicily’s cradle of citrus, the fabled Conca d’Oro, both blood oranges and, er, orange oranges add a sunny burst of citrus to the often-heavy foods of winter –not to mention vitamin C! apples? Don’t be put off by their green skins – they’re ripe, and exploding with flavor. | Photo by Nick Brown-Warr, What’s in season: kale (cavolo riccio), potatoes (patate), broccoli (broccoli), artichokes (carciofi), thistle (cardo), cauliflower (cavolfiore), cabbage (cavolo), fennel (finocchio), onions (cipolle), spinach (spinaci), carrots (carote), beans (fagioli) and lentils (lenticchie), radicchio (radicchio), oranges (arancie), clementines (clementine), mandarins (mandarini), persimmons (cachi), pomegranates (melagrane), pears (pere), kiwis (kiwi), almonds (mandorle), The Campo de’ Fiori in Rome hosts an open-air food market that offers delicious food year round, like these persimmons and oranges in January! Melons are the big draw this time of year. During this period the Siracusa lemon made a considerable fortune in foreign markets, especially in the United States and in England, as confirmed by records from the second half of the eighteenth century, held in Siracusa's Camera di Commercio e Arti (Chamber of Commerce and Arts). Vegetable gardens burst into bloom when spring comes around and eating in Italy enters a sort of extended party phase that lasts through the fall. April is for artichokes – a beloved Italian vegetable that takes menus and markets by storm this month and is only around for the shortest of seasons. If you see them, snatch ’em up – they will be plump and incredibly juicy. Whether you are a lover of mushroom or not, this is one fungus that you have to try if you are eating in Italy in the late summer/autumn. The femminello cultivar from Siracusa is the most common variety of lemon But two more stars arrive on the scene: beautiful bunches of broccoli and fennel, which grow in abundance this time of year. Cedri are primarily found in Italy, from the Italian Riviera down to the Amalfi Coast, though they are occasionally spotted in France, Isreal and even exported to Britain.There are three different citron types: acidic, non-acidic and pulpless. The annual festival culminates in a great all-night procession through the city with hundreds of thousands of participants. Is your market carrying green dragon But when in Italy, you will be missing an immense opportunity to enjoy food as it was meant to be – seasonal, and prepared with an immense about of love and care at every step – if you don’t do as the Italians do and stick with the seasons. Retail categories are "Extra" and "Prima" only, for the fresh produce, while processing admits lower categories too. We’re sure you’ll love them! Required fields are marked *. Insiders’ Tip: while you can get away ordering many foods out of season, never buy “fresh” truffles in any months outside of October, November, and December for the simple reason that they won’t be fresh – they will be frozen – and will taste like very little. Summer is the best time for most, but not all, fruits. Harvesting is done by hand-picking each fruit direct from the plant, using special secateurs to cut the fruit's stalk. The Siracusa lemon comprises more than 30% of the entire national production, with a cultivated area of almost 6,000 hectares. Thank you and please write more of your wonderful articles . Italian Special Occasions DMC – VAT: IT06462190486 – Insurance Policy RM 2250734 – © all rights reserved. Should you visit in this month, you cannot miss the celebrations in Catania in honor of Patron Saint Agatha: three days of cult, devotion, folklore and tradition that stand almost alone in the world! Get curated Italy travel tips delivered to your inbox! [citation needed]. It was all due to Angelo Majorana Calatabiana, a rich land owner in Sicily and brother of the agricultural minister. The lemon plant originates in Burma, where it is found growing wild: from there it crossed the Middle East, Mesopotamia, and Palestine, to the Mediterranean, where it found favorable conditions to thrive. The juicy sfusato sorrentino, grown only in Sorrento, is shaped like an American football, while the sfusato amalfitano, with knobby points on both ends, is less juicy but equally aromatic. Augusta-Priolo) that occurred at the beginning of the post-war period, lemon growing was anything but abandoned in the Siracusa area, and still today continues to be a very important economic mainstay: Siracusa is considered, in qualitative and quantitative terms, a hub for fresh lemons in both the Italian and European markets.

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