Many Japanese drug stores tend to be indistinguishable from general-purpose shops, what with cosmetics, shampoos, other beauty products, and sweets usually being on display outside and/or on the first floor. Some of Akihabara’s duty-free shops like Laox sell Kit Kats in different flavors. At less than ¥500 a pop, it’s worth buying one of each flavour. The good news? ... 10:00 am-9:00 pm (Mondays-Saturdays), 10:00 am-8:00 pm (Sundays and holidays). There have been more than 300 flavors of Kit Kats in Japan since 2000. Read on for the season's top treats. Note: the Kit Kat … Both are a short walk from Tokyo Teleport Station. No other country in the world has as many Kit Kat flavors as Japan does, having released over 200 flavors since 2000. Lucy Sambrook Friday 20 Feb 2015 5:34 pm. Sure, you can find matcha, sakura, chili, cream cheese, and seasonal Kit Kats here, but this is more of a luxury candy store than a collection of Kit Kats from all over Japan. Additionally, content such as tours and tickets, hotels and apartments are commercial content. Try another. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to send money from Japan is TransferWise, tried and tested by our Cheapo team. 3 Buy Japanese Kit Kat Online. We have taste-tested a host of Japan-exclusive flavours to help you make that decision. Take a look at the select of different Japanese Kit Kat flavors that we offer. Kit Kat Apple Pie Chocolates. $ 10.50. Matcha (green tea) is not that uncommon or hard to find in Japan; in fact, they may be unique or unusual for foreign tourists, but Japan’s got stranger flavors that make matcha Kit Kats look like plain ol’ milk chocolate. Popular Japanese Kit Kat flavors include Matcha Green Tea, Japan Sake, Ruby Chocolate, Hojicha, and more! If you want to contribute to or sponsor Tokyo Cheapo, get in touch. white or dark). Note: the Kit Kat featured here are purchased from Don Quijote and the Kit Kat Chocolatory in Ginza. A tribute to the momiji (maple leaf) manju from Hiroshima, these white chocolate Kit Kats have a little purple layer of azuki bean paste between the wafer layers, while the chocolate itself is supposed be reminiscent of the manju dough. Moving to Tokyo? Tokyo is a treasure trove for shoppers looking for unique Japanese gifts and souvenirs that can't be found anywhere else, With these cheap and cheerful 100 yen items, you can now buy more gifts and memories from Tokyo without busting your budget, From 3D cat latte art and animal doughnuts to Totoro puffs, these tasty treats are just too cute to eat. They have a branch on Ikebukuro’s Sunshine Street, for one. Out of stock. Ikebukuro Branch: B1F, Seibu Ikebukuro Honten, Minami-Ikebukuro 1-28-1, Toshima-ku, Tokyo | Business Hours: 10:00 am-9:00 pm (Mondays-Saturdays), 10:00 am-8:00 pm (Sundays and holidays) | Access: Ikebukuro Station, Daimaru Tokyo Branch: B1F Hoppe Town, Daimaru Tokyo, Marunouchi 1-9-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo | Business Hours: 10:00 am-9:00 pm (Mondays-Saturdays), 10:00 am-8:00 pm (Sundays and holidays) | Access: Tokyo Station. Cheapest Way to Transfer Your Money Out of Japan, November 9th, 2020 | Lily Crossley-Baxter, September 29th, 2020 | Lily Crossley-Baxter, September 21st, 2020 | Lily Crossley-Baxter, Go-Karting in Tokyo: Everything You Need to Know, Your Prepaid SIM Card Options for Travel in Japan, Renting a Pocket Wifi Router in Japan: Best Options, Toyosu Fish Market: What to Know Before You Go. This Kyushu edition features Fukuoka’s premium, aromatic ‘amaou’ strawberries, which are the most popular variety in Japan. Try eggs benny with a side of Imperial Palace views. Sadly, Tokyo’s souvenir candy shops are never quite complete. For fans of Tokyo Banana, you’ll definitely want to eat this one up. Japanese Kit Kat Mini Bar 21 pcs , ALL DIFFERENT FLAVORS Assortments (original green tea set) A small mountain of refreshing, sugary delight—make kakigori your new favourite treat at these dessert spots that take this summertime fav up a notch. The Chocolatory has branches in Seibu department store in Ikebukuro, and in Tokyo Station’s Daimaru. Thanks for subscribing! 3 years ago. UPDATED: What's on the menu for the government's latest economic recovery initiative? If you’re looking for a quick chocolate fix or a reasonable souvenir to bring home, these bags of seasonal Kit Kats should do the trick. If you’re looking for unusual, limited-edition, or regional flavors, you’ll need to know where to look. These are part of the otona no amasa (adult flavor) line, which means subtler, less sweet tastes. We cover all the basics including things to do in Tokyo, Kit Kat is easily the most popular chocolate brand in Japan, for the simple reason that the name sounds like ‘kitto katsu’, which is a common Japanese expression of good luck. The strawberry aroma and white chocolate flavour dominate, followed by a delectable aftertaste remisicent of cheesecake. No other country in the world has as many Kit Kat flavors as Japan does, having released over 200 flavors since 2000. $ 9.90. Where can I buy Japanese flavoured Kit-Kats in Sydney? Out of stock. For your more sophisticated taste buds, these special-edition Chocolatory Kit Kats are the creative series, offering unique flavour combinations such as strawberry maple, matcha kinako and butter. It’s bright, it’s fresh and rather decadent. Want to book a table? They have to be edible, too! To find why we started this site, check out the Tokyo Cheapo Manifesto. We also feature the Kit Kat Fall Chestnut Chocolates . Kit Kat Chocolate Orange Chocolates. There are a couple different kinds so because to look through all the different choices! by TONOSAMA CANDY; 3.3 Nestle Japan Kit Kat candy bars Comparison 8 Bags Random Set Variety Assortment 8 Bags Japanese chocolate; 3.4 Kit Kat Deep Matcha flavor; 3.5 Japanese candy assortment 30pcs , full of dagashi. One prominent chain is called Okashi no Machioka, which we’ve written about before. So you want to buy some Japanese Kit Kats, huh? When all else fails, you can order online from Amazon Japan—as long as you’re in the country, as they don’t ship internationally. Per title. Here's a list of services you can use to make a reservation in English. They also have some seasonal variants, matcha being one of them (and they also had rum raisin  last year), but it’s uncommon for them to have wacky flavors. It’s The Great Snoopy Museum, Charlie Brown, Exploring Toyosu—Tokyo's Revitalized Fish Market, Visiting Okunoshima - Japan's Famous Rabbit Island, Japan's "Go To Eat" Campaign: What You Need to Know, Moving to Tokyo: A Complete Guide for Cheapos, How to Make a Restaurant Reservation in Japan, Tokyo's Treasures: A Guide to Souvenir Japanese Antiques, Eating with the Season: 10 Fall Foods to Try in Japan, The Golden Guide to Shinjuku's Golden Gai, Eating with the Season: 12 Japanese Summer Foods to Try, Bokksu: Subscription Japanese Snack Boxes Delivered to Your Doorstep, Tokyo's Best Brunch Spots: Local Favorites and Royal Views, Guide to Grocery Shopping in Japan Even If You Don’t Speak a Word of Japanese. Take a break from your usual chocolate and try these exclusive Japanese Kit Kats. how to get from Narita airport to Tokyo, which JR rail pass to choose, getting a SIM card and pocket wifi. Japanese Kit Kat 21 pcs , ALL DIFFERENT FLAVORS Assortments. These flawless strawberries are usually a bright-red colour, and are big and round in shape with an intense flavour. It's fast and reliable. Questions or comments about this article? $ 5.50. If you’re not in Japan, then fear not, there is a solution! by TONOSAMA CANDY, Japanese Kit Kat Mini Bar 21 pcs , ALL DIFFERENT FLAVORS Assortments (original green tea set), Kit kat chocolate strawberry 12 bars 1 bags Japan import, Kit Kat Apple Pie Flavor (Halloween version) (12 bars), Japanese Kit-Kat Mini Autumn chestnut 12 bars Japan chocolate, Kit kat chocolate Houjicha Japanese black tea 12 bars 1 bags Japan import, Nestle Japan Kit Kat Chocolate Sakura Japanese Sake Flavor 12 bars, Kit kat chocolate Matcha dark green tea 13 bars 2 bags Japan import, Japanese Kit-Kat Mini Autumn Sweet Potato 11 bars chocolate, Japanese Kit Kat Maccha Green Tea Flavor 13 Mini Bar ( set of 3 ). Let us help you navigate supermarket aisles and identify the most common food staples. CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. Although this is not really the place to look for unique flavors like sakura or wasabi, here you can find cheapo deals on thin boxes, usually for no more than 200 yen. Without having to travel to every region of Japan, you can try some yubari melon Kit Kats from Hokkaido, hojicha (roasted tea)-flavored ones from Kyoto, Amaou strawberry Kit Kats from Kyushu (Amaou being a kind of strawberry unique to the region), and purple yam-flavored ones from Okinawa, among others. share. Anjana — No Comments — June 14, 2017. It tastes so good we think someone should make an actual white chocolate and sake cocktail. At these drug stores (Matsumoto Kiyoshi being one famous example), you can find Kit Kats sold in packs of 9-12 pieces, usually for 198-400 yen a pack. Don't know a lick of Japanese? Archived. Here are some establishments where Kit Kats are sold and what kind you can expect at those places.

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