KETO-FRIENDLY … Super fast shipping, and THE BEST tasting low carb/gluten-free bread I’ve ever had! (verified owner) – May 30, 2020. Thank you so much for baking Keto Thins! I tried it un-toasted with butter and it was delish. (verified owner) – September 2, 2020. (verified owner) – March 6, 2020, Joanne F. Cernauskas Just received my bread and it is just what I needed! I was craving a grilled cheese and the first thing I did was make a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich and it is the best! This Bread is an innovative new bread line that is a healthier bread alternative. After failing to find any low carb alternatives at the grocery store, I immediately looked up “Where to buy keto bread”. Definitely highly recommend! Bake In A Minute - Original Bread Mix 100g. Carbohydrates! I cannot recommend this bread enough. It contains 2 grams, fiber of 7 gram, protein of 7 gram, which makes the net carb zero gram. As a matter of fact, there are many tutorials dedicated to teaching users or viewers on how to make their keto bread at home. I have one loaf I put in the fridge. If you’re struggling buy this! It has an aroma of pound cake while baking. It does have a pound cake-like texture/tastes. Just got my order and made a quick piece of toast. One portion is ¼ of a cup, so you get 4 portions from one bag. The texture is similar to biscuits. But, buyer beware! At Thimslim, there is an offer of a vast selection of sliced Bread, ranging from plain to cinnamon and even probiotics. This bread has a softer texture and just a hint of sweet. However, there have been controversies as t whether the Sola Bread fits into the keto diet. On the downside, it is a bit chewier than classic bread. (verified owner) – September 29, 2019, This bread is amazing. (verified owner) – February 28, 2020. It looks similar to a wheat bread in texture, but it has about 20 times fewer carbs than regular Bread. Keto bread can be described as a mixture of almond flour(or coconut flour), eggs, healthy fats, and xanthan gum. The Bread comes in wheat or multiseed varieties. This Bread definitely packs a healthy punch- plus, it is also vegan. Now with “Stay Fresh Packaging”, we’ve wrapped each loaf with a sealed inner wrapper. Love being able to eat toast with cream cheese again without worrying about the carbs. I also love feeling great and being able to fit into my pants. While eating my first sandwich (roast beef and swiss) my mind was running a million miles an hour thinking of how good this bread is and what will I make next! For instance, you can use portobello mushrooms for a pizza crust instead of actual bread. I impressed and beyond happy to have found this bread. This is definitely a game changer! The product contains 11 grams of fat, 4 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and a total net carb of 2 grams. I thought it was a little expensive but worth it, couldn’t believe how good it was, I can eat sandwiches again! So tasty! One of the VERRRRY first things I wondered when I switched to a ketogenic lifestyle was where to buy keto bread. In conclusion, going on the keto diet does not mean you have to go without bread. | Grain Free | Gluten Fre… Great taste. Keto Thin® Bread has a pound cake like texture with a slight sweet vanilla taste. Game changer! Site Map Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions, © 2020 Natural Ovens. I’m so happy to eat bread again. I really miss sandwiches and toast in the morning. Most items on this list are made with wheat-based ingredients that don’t impact blood glucose but do create a bread similar (not identical!) But where do you buy keto bread? Our Keto Thin® Bread has the perfect keto macros, boasts 12g of healthy fat, and 8g of protein. Keto Foods. You definitely need to place parchment paper in between slices since it is kept frozen. It’s also guilt free! I am in tears right now!! JOY Of course, if you were going there anyway, then it may be worth strolling the bread aisle and having a peek. Will order again. arnie g If not for the zero net carbs then for the flavor and quality of ingredients. Its a little heavy compared to regular bread and more filling for sure. We will definitely order more, Angela Corcoran Just got my bread and made a quick piece of toast with sugar-free strawberry jelly. You wont be disappointed get this bread! Below is a list of the ingredients found in SlimThin’s bread. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The 2 g of net carbs per slice shows that the flours are not added in large amounts, so you don’t have to worry about these ingredients ruining your diet. He just loves making sandwiches again. The bread toasted well and held up great with my tuna on it. Made grilled cheese and it was great! If you find it hard, like most people, to give up on Bread, then the keto bread will make your life easier. (verified owner) – November 22, 2019. Here are some examples. You may also find keto bread at ALDI, Kroger, ShopRite, Albertsons, Whole Foods, and other upscale grocery stores. The best Keto friendly bread I’ve ever had!! All you have to do is cut the bread into 1″ or 2″ pieces and put them in the oven on 350 for ten or so minutes. Jacqueline Will I’ve made toast, blt sandwiches and best of all French toast and grilled cheese sandwiches. The good news is that keto bread is a real thing and you can buy it today. Of course, it would not be possible to have this bread taste precisely the same as regular Bread. If you can get your hands on it, please do. Another thing to note about the ingredients is that they’re natural and simple. I have even seen this keto bread sold in upscale grocery stores but that’s the only place. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be able to make a sandwich. I love bread. It has 9 grams of fat, 3 grams of fiber, 4 grams of total net carb, and a protein of 6 grams. Taste’s great! Hopefully, it will be in stores in the near future. Enjoy! Oh how I missed stuffing!!!

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