Mount St. Helens erupts: The 40th anniversary! On Friday June 23, 1907, The Seattle Times headline announced: “Luna Park Now Open to Public. Described by its builders as “the greatest outdoor amusement in the Pacific Northwest, Luna Park opened in 1907 below West Seattle’s Duwamish.Head, where its twelve acre timber pile platform above the tides lured Seattle to its attractions. From there the ride was embellished with the published claim that it “winds for nearly half a mile through the air.”. The Graphic’s line drawing of the harbor is in every detail the same as this photograph although it was copied from another photograph taken almost certainly within moments of this one a few feet further southeast on what was then the clear cut and exposed Duwamish Head. Le premier parc à utiliser ce nom fut le… …   Wikipédia en Français, Luna Park, Melbourne — For other amusement parks of the same name, see Luna Park; for other uses of the phrase, see Luna Park (disambiguation) Melbourne s Luna Park …   Wikipedia, West Seattle, Seattle, Washington — West Seattle, a hilly district in Seattle, Washington, encompasses all of Seattle west of the Duwamish River. From 1907 to 1913, a glittering jewel lit up the night along the northern tip of West Seattle. The park boasted the “longest and best-stocked bar” on Elliott Bay, a venue that angered the citizens around Alki. In the year before this (top) view was recorded, the West Seattle heights were cleared of their second-growth timber, leaving the largely barren ridge showing on the left. The Denny Party finally arrived on a wet Nov. 13, 1851. Seattle Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The Southern Pacific and the string of wharves never made it to West Seattle’s harbor, but the mill lived on for many years, after 1893 known as the Novelty Mill. They have stickers that say “Meet Me At Luna Park” featuring a devil from an old Luna Park advertisement. If there is truth in this naming, then the prospect of Puget Sound from Sea View Hall was most likely unobstructed when the hall was built early in the 1900s. The inaugural trip was made on Dec. 24, 1888. Some dances continued until dawn, when the first morning trolley returned the revelers to Seattle side-by-side wit more sober and sedate commuters. Eventually it was given to King County, which leased it to the Kitsap County Transportation Company as a relief ferry on its Vashon Heights run. In this early view, the sign has not yet been shaped or placed. (The Chelan appears in the Pacific feature for June 16, 1996, but like much else has since been squirreled in some corner of the basement studio where I do something similar to work.) This view by Seattle photographer O. T. Frasch, looks back at the brow of Duwamish Head from near the middle of the amusement park. Since this feature was printed in the Jan 23, 2000 Pacific, the rustic charmer has been sold.). You could even access the park by ferry, which must have been a magical experience. The Canal of Venice, The Original Human Ostrich, The Joy Wheel, and Infant Electrobator were some of the others. Luna Park est un nom utilisé par des dizaines de parcs d attractions ouverts à travers le monde depuis 1903. Designed by famed carousel carver Charles I.D. The busiest issue during the amusement’s construction was whether or not the West Seattle City Council was correct to give Luna Park a liquor license. But many others claimed Seattle “began” in mid-September, 1851, when the area’s first settlers, including Henry Van Asselt and Luther Collins, staked claims on the Duwamish River in South Seattle, not West. the wild, rugged and imposing; the soft, harmonious and sublime; the beautiful, magnificent and glorious; all are here.” These sentiments were calculated to first transport one to West Seattle rhetorically, and then physically. The long Northern Pacific spur that runs through the scene between the ferry and the waterfront was completed in August of 1890. When they do, the tide flats are exposed and the rows of pilings that once supported Luna Park are brought to light, causing new generations and new residents of the Northwest to gaze and to ponder. Purchased by the Port of Seattle in 1913, the West Seattle ferry continued to lose money. In this early century view, the yachtsmen’s abandoned quarters house a restaurant that surely had halibut on its menu. By the turn of the century, Seattle had become a burgeoning metropolis, and West Seattle was a city in its own right. Amusement attractions included the Figure Eight Roller Coaster, a Merry-go-round, Chute-the-Chutes, the Water Slide, Cave of Mystery, and other funpark standards. Mayor William Hickman Moore (1861-1946), a judge who vowed to keep Seattle clean from unnatural vices, was just what West Seattleites felt they needed to keep their community upright and rigid. Our historical view – at the top –  of the City of Seattle landing and unloading ferry passengers at the West Seattle slip dates from about 1902, the year West Seattle first incorporated its 16 square miles. And there were other names. (Courtesy, Lawton Gowey)  Below: Trees, on the right, now obstruct the view from Ferry Avenue, on the left. owing to the substantial character of its construction and the beauty of its surroundings . Co. West Seattle ferry terminal and waterfront, circa 1913. Luna Park is shown here at low tide where it was built on the tide flats along Duwamish Head, not far from where Seattle’s first settlers landed in 1851 at Alki Point. Luna Park was built on the tide flats along Duwamish Head, not far from where Seattle's first settlers landed in 1851. Construction began in 1906, headed by easterner Charles I. D. Looff. It was even called the Greatest Amusement Park on the West Coast. In 1907, Seattle was in the throes of moralism. . Then came the opening of Luna Park, a gaudy illuminated pier at Duwamish Head, with sideshows, exhilarating rides, an indoor natatorium and “the longest bar in the West.”. And for years, if there was no dugout canoe to be had or hired, the answer was “you can’t get there from here.”. . Now, at least for a while, the assured completion of the new super bridge dissolves the old questions about how to get to West Seattle. People tend to check in during these times: "My most favorite place to watch the sunset over Puget Sound in all of Seattle. Welcome to Lake Union St. Vinnie’s. Foursquare © 2020  Lovingly made in NYC, CHI, SEA & LA. Kastner stayed for about 20 years before passing on this fanciful construction to Alvin and Margaret Ross. Luna Park was closed in 1913. As Luna Park’s visitors dwindled, a grand reopening was planned for 2013. New Ferry and New Car Line in Operation.

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