To check your cable termination, unscrew your F connections from the back of your Sky box, there are usually two, but some Sky boxes only have one. Just be mindful that Sky Q and normal Sky systems cannot be swapped over as and when as the LNB on the satellite dish is different and not compatible with each other. Plug our old box in and it works, plug the Sky+HD box … If you do know where to look for an aerial company in your area and have no recommendations from friends and family. Another common reason as to why your Sky TV may not be working is that the LNB you have may be faulty. Or you could just swap the LNB yourself and see it that fixes it. This can be done by pressing ‘TV’ then ‘Help’ on certain Sky handsets that have been tuned to your TV otherwise you will need to pick up your actual TV handset and find the source button. "I have used Smart Aerials many times now, I have since recommended to them family members and friends to which they have also done a good job. I have written some of the most common techniques and tips for getting your Sky box working again and tried to organise them in an order with easiest to try at the beginning, getting more difficult towards the end.Good luck! The clear majority of Sky boxes these days will be connected over a HDMI cable for best picture and sound and in fact the new Sky Q boxes do not have a video output other than a HDMI cable, which can present problems when trying to connect to a HD TV but that’s for another blog! I called back and a engineer needs to fix it for £65 or upgrade to Sky Q as the equipment is old. channels 613 and 614 are not available. It’s possible that you have a faulty Sky receiver itself which could cause your Sky TV to not work properly or no signal on your satellite receiver. You won’t be able to use services from the BBC through Sky Go but if you if have an aerial as well as a satellite dish you would be able to watch this through Freeview, which is why I recommend that people have an aerial as well as a satellite dish. If you want to give this a go, please read our blog on How To Align A Satellite Dish. The reason I put this after contact a local company in your area is because well I am biased, and independents usually have a greater understanding of satellite TV systems and will respond quicker, but you may have no other option then to contact Sky themselves to get your Sky TV working again. If it is any longer take this opportunity to cut it back to correct length. I recommend contacting an independent satellite installer in your area, these will usually be able to respond far quicker then Sky themselves and get you Sky TV up and running ASAP. The Sky box needs to undergo it’s initialisation process and will take a couple more minutes to be ready to go again. Something could be wrong with the card. This will be more common with Sky Q as even after you have had a Sky subscription and completed your minimum term Sky retain ownership of the box unlike Sky+ and Sky+HD boxes which they let you keep. There are numerous packages that you can subscribe to and things like Sky Sports and Sky Movies usually will cost you more, so you may have to upgrade your subscription and pay more to Sky basically if you want to watch them. - last edited: You will need the following details to do this which can be accessed from your Sky box, Model Number, Version Number, Serial Number & Viewing Card Number. You could also consider a slightly larger satellite dish to help over come the effects of rain but not many people want larger satellite dishes on their property. For various reasons the coaxial cable that connects between your satellite dish and your Sky box can become faulty. I recommend that you watch my video showing you how to install an F plug. Press‘Home’ select ‘Settings’, then select ‘System Info’, scroll across and select‘Viewing Card Number’ and again across to ‘Setup’. Thanks for stopping by, click play for a brief introduction to our company. © 2019 | Smart AerialsAll Rights Reserved, Smart Aerials is a trading name of T Smart Technology Ltd | Registered in England. For example channels 101, 104, 105, 106 are not available but channels 102 and 103 are working ok. I advise that before you give Sky and earful over the phone for their service,not something I’m adverse to by the way they carry on sometimes but just check that the viewing card is inside your Sky box correctly. ‎16 Nov 2020 Just remember that for every recordable satellite receiver you have you will need to install 2 coaxial cables between your satellite dish and your satellite receiver. All of a sudden my Sky+ HD box has developed a fault. I'm based in the west coast of Ireland so I'm wondering is the new box more sensitive to the signal strength than the old one. This is not easy, and you may need a Sky installer or independent aerial and satellite company to do this for you, especially if the satellite dish is high up. This just makes things a lot easier especially where there are lots of things connected to a single TV like, games consoles, DVD players, Bluray players, Smart TV sticks and so on. You could also try Sky Go, this is an app available on most smart phones and tablet, over the internet and on things like gaming consoles such as Xbox etc. You could also install weatherproof F compression plugs but personally I just prefer a smear of silicone grease over the plug as this will protect the outside of the plug too. Just trying to set up my new Humax Freesat box (to replace my sky + box which works perfectly) however when I was going through the set up it can't pick up a signal. This message was authored by Banana+split, View answer in the context of this discussion. If you have young children or naughty pets it’s possible that they have pulled the viewing card out of the holder,even slightly will cause it not to sit correctly in the satellite receiver. The Sky technical support pages don't offer advice for my particular problem. On my Input 1 Signal Strength and Quality it is showing nothing Input 2 both Signal Strength and Quality are around 60% Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Why have I lost some channels but not all ? I recommend making sure that your satellite dish is aligned for 100% peak alignment. When watching 101 signal input 1 is not locked and network id/transport stream is null. If you don’t have one second hand Sky boxes can be purchased online for next to nothing these days and the box could even be your new box if you old one is proven to be faulty. Using a Sky HD box and recently lost signal for your ITV1 on channel 103? Some channels are now unavailable due to a signal issue: Your Sky+ HD box isn't getting a satellite signal. Independent installers can also usually carry out Sky TV installations and repairs that Sky themselves wouldn’t, like difficult to access satellite dishes.

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