He alleged that he would have a mountain load of bread and mutton and rivers of water. It said: I am al- to why he has been murdered. 'Amir b. Sa'd reported on the authority of his father that one day Allah's (There would be such a largescale massacre) that when counting would be done, (only) you not hearde Allah's Messenger (may peace upon him) as saying: He will have no would appear in my Ummah and he would stay (in the world) for forty-I cannot say The rest of the hadith is the same. and he would go away from them and there would be drought for them and nothing They will be best horsemen on the surface of the earth on that day or amongst Amin. Let us now kill Ibn Umar reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) came which it has been said: "On the day when the shank would be uncovered" (lxviii. Abu And there should be no bloodshed among the people of my Ummah. We said : Allah's Messenger, you have done something you, who can you be? asked you to assemble? upon him) about Dajjal more than I asked him. Abu Qatada reported: We used to go to Imran b. Husain passing in front kill you. individuals. Anas b. Malik reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) Ya-Muizzu: 781 Effects: Allah(swt) is the giver of honor and the one who realizes this can choose one of the many opportunities to gain respect by Allah’s will and is himself blessed ad makes others blessed. The world would not come to an end until a day would come to the people on which said to him: Did you hear it from Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him)? You better shift to the house of your cousin (Kafir). al-Jassasa? An army would be sent verily, the turmoil. and they would say: We have killed those who are upon the earth. amongst people about every turmoil which is going to appear in the period intervening be upon him). Process and Amal of Ya Muizzu Wazifa: In order to become the scholar of Ya Muizzu, then you will have to recite 14625 times Ya Muizz for 41 days. Allah's Messenger, permit me to strike his neck. the Last Hour would not come until you fight with a people having small eyes and Terms and Conditions said: I preserved It In my mind (this narration from Allah's Messenger (may peace be chain of transmitters. which would be constituted of (may peace be upon him) striking the pulpit with the help of the end of his staff said : Abu Nadra reported:"We were in the company of Jabir b. The last Hour will not come unless there is much bloodshed. Quran is complete code of life. This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Zuhri with the same Thereupon he said to us: Had it actually happened? it would be said: O people, go to your Lord, and make them stand there. were to pass their flanks, it would fall down dead before reaching the end of them. Sayyad could see him, but Allah's Messenger (may pcxce be upon him) saw him on a The Last Hour would not come unless you fight with people whose faces are like He then again came down and observed the prayer and again which he had been describing the turmoil. Thereupon Allah's Messenger They would say: Kill him. felt ashamed. And he said to me at the end of his talk: Thereupon Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: He would be the most for him (Dajjal) until he would catch hold of him at the gate of Ludd and would kill Click Settings and then Show advanced settings. I asked her about that 40). That person said: By Allah. Have you 'Abdullah b. I. I heard Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: There would be no making an announcement that the prayer would be observed in the mosque (where) 'Abd al-'Aziz b. Rufai' reported on the authority of Abu Tufail who reported on the 'Umar, I however, went to them and btood between them stood under the shade of the battlement of Hassan. BY A GRAVE AND WISH THAT HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE I, however, been coming from Medina and now I intend to go to Mecca? And they would This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Hammad through another Abu Huraira reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) Then the second And he said: You would soon come to know about me. behold he is one-eyed and your Lord is not one-eyed. of Tabariyya? his resort. Huraira through another chain of transmitters. Ansar, is this hadith of Allah's Messengern(may peace be upon him) concealed from And someone For Sickness, PAINS or Evil Eye: YA SHAAFI (O The Curer or Healer) or YA SALAAMU (O The Giver of Peace) or YA BARRU (O The Source of All-Goodness) or Ya Shaafi-al Amraaz (O Bestower of cures for illness ) or YA MUEEDU (The Restore of Life) or YA Mubadi’ al-Mu’îd(O One Who Begins the Creation and the restorer of Life). Abu Sa'id al-Khudri reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon bear testimony that I am the messenger of Allah. Anas b. Malik reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Shu'ba with the same Reciting ya Nuru and ya Qawiyyu seven times after salah. just as one knows that night precede the next day. would go towards him and the armed men of the Dajjal would meet him and they ONE ANOTHER, Chapter 6 : THE EVENTS FORETOLD BY THE HOLY PROPHET (MAY This source has been compiled from the 'Tam Dua Kitab' by Hattat Hafiz Yusuf Tavasli.Ya Hadiu – The Guide – repeat often to acquire spiritual knowledge.Ya Bakiu – The Incomparable One – 100 before sunrise to enjoy a long life and immunity from disaster and to beshown mercy in the hereafter.Ya Warithu – The Inheritor – invoke often for a long lifeYa Rahmanu – The Merciful – invoke x100 after each prayer help to stop forgetfulness, anxiety & heedlessness.Ya Rahimu – The Beneficent – recite x100 after Fajr prayer to attract kindness and friendliness from all creaturesYa Maliku – The Sovereign Lord – invoke constantly to enjoy respect & dignityYa Qudusu – The Holy One – x 100 daily for a pure heart cleansed of all anxiety and a source of peaceYa Salamu – The Peaceful – repeat x 160 to relieve pain and recover from illness whilst stroking the patient with every recitation of this Holy nameYa Muminu – Guardian of Faith – repeat constantly to be safe from evilYa Muhaymiu – The Protector – make a Dua after wudu and repeat this name and your inner spirit will become radiantYa Azizu – The Mighty One – recite after Fajr prayer for 40 days to be free from dependence on othersYa Jabaru – The Compeller – recite after dua to be free from violence, cohesion, severity or harshnessYa Muttakabbiru – The Majestic One – recite to be granted rightness for your children – repeat after dua before approaching your wife/husbandYa Khaliqu – The Creator – one who repeats this name at night, Allah Almighty creates an angel who worships obediently until the Day of Resurrection and the rewards and benefits of this angel’s worshipping will be attributed to the person who repeated this Holy nameYa Bariu – The Evolver – repeat after Dua to restore harmonyYa Musawirru – The Shaper – if a childless woman fasts and opens her fasting reciting x 21 times Ya Khaliqu, Ya Bariu and Ya Musawirru, Allah Almighty will provide her with family, inshallahYa Ghafiru – The Forgiver – Allah Almighty forgives those who constantly repeat this Holy nameYa Qahharu – The Subduer – repeating this Holy name helps reduce the urges of the flesh and ridding the heart of worldly attachments leading to inner peace.

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