More than just another one-off build from Bunker, Chimera is a prototype, showcasing an array of bolt-on parts that the Turkish shop is slated to soon release, including the tail tidy, beak, front-fender, headlight brackets, and carbon tank covers (a special discounted price is being offered for the first ten carbon tank cover kits). The shock is house in a horizontal position beneath the seat contributing to the bike’s centralisation of mass. Four years later and JvB-moto has returned for another round of dazzling customisation, projecting their vision onto the 2019 Yamaha XSR900 to create the CP3. Hi where can I get a set of side panels like the ones on the white and red rd900. The “Type 11” Prototype Two took everything from the first two builds and combined it into a road going machine. Seat height: 785mm. ADVANCED RIDE-BY-WIRE THROTTLE WITH D-MODE: The XSR900 is equipped with Yamaha’s Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) for precise throttle control as well as Yamaha’s selectable D-MODE which allows the rider to adjust engine character on the fly. Both JvB-moto and Hookie Co. attended the launch, explaining in live interviews their individual approaches to customising bikes and how they envisage the Yard Built project. The “Type 11” Prototype Two took everything from the first two builds and combined it into a road going machine. The point of the build is to show how easily customizable the bike is, and to supply the pieces to the customer to do their own customizing. A flush fitted dial, contrasting seat unit, quick fill race tank and handmade 3-into-3 exhaust top it all off. We seek to enable these dreams by asking talented customisers to provide inspirational ideas on how to transform Sport Heritage models into 'Yard Built' specials. Forged aluminium pistons are fitted with fracture split (FS) conrods and the 78mm diameter pistons run in direct-plated cylinders, which ensure effective heat dissipation. Drawing influence from Yamaha’s classic “XS” series of motorcycles, the XSR oozes class with its exposed aluminum details, retro-influenced bodywork, stepped seat and custom lighting and instrumentation. A Legend is Born in the Prototype TwoAfter building the Prototype One and Prototype Three, there was only one place to go. Carbon fibre wheel covers house the Pirelli Super Corsa tyres, with Behringer front brake disks packing extra stopping power. These parts and more will be available from JvB-moto for the XSR900 in early 2020. As the basis for a custom bike project, Yamaha XSR900 isn’t a bad starting point. The tank covers were also hit with a custom red, white, and gold livery, with negative spaces of exposed carbon fiber and special Bunker badges on either side. The XSR900 triple comes from the MT-09 and delivers 115hp and 63lb-ft of torque. Chassis: Die cast CF aluminuim two-piece, die-cast aluminium CF swingarm Wheelbase: 1440mm. “We’ve been experimenting with carbon fiber for the last four years, but we made a major breakthrough a-year-ago, finally achieving the CAD to actual perfect product with the definition, accuracy, and surface finish we were after,” Mert proudly tells us. His design philosophy is to re-imagine the bike and improve on its stock form with the customization, without cutting up the frame or making any severe changes to the bike. Over 150 guests from motorcycle media outlets and the customising scene came together for the unveiling of the two bikes which was hosted at KEDO, a motorcycle dealer located next to an industrial railway line that perfectly suited the gritty, backyard feel of Yard Built bikes. ADVANCED INSTRUMENTATION: The round LCD panel features a ton of information: digital tachometer, speedometer, gear position, eco mode indicator, TCS and D-MODE indicators, ambient and coolant temperature, a fuel gauge and range of trip computer functions including a clock, instant and average fuel consumption, fuel reserve trip meter and the usual trip meters. Performance parts were added for power, and the team brought the historic machine right into the future. An authentic performance motorcycle that blends Yamaha's triple‑cylinder technology with neo‑retro style. Though the design is inherently minimalist, the CP3 sports a number of cutting-edge modifications that elevate it from a typical custom bike to a true concept motorcycle. Where can i get the small side panels between tank and seat?

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