It was a powerful weapon against horsemen and foot soldiers alike. Yari Samurai basic stats: Melee Attack 6 18% Charge Bonus 15 42% Bonus vs Cavalry 25 100% Melee Defence 8 22% Armour 5 62% Morale 10 25% Speed 4 Naginata Samurai stats Melee Attack 9 28% Charge Bonus 12 34% Bonus vs … Naginata s that were utilized by warrior monks and samurai were called the O-naginata, while the type that was by women were called the Ko-naginata; since these weapons were much heavier due to its pole, it was also considered slower compared to the traditional samurai sword. It is also possible that early literature sources referencing weapons use the wording to describe a hoko yari. A naginata consists of a wooden shaft with a curved blade on the end; it is similar to the Chinese guan dao or the European glaive. For these monks, faith is not just a matter of conscience, but another weapon and one that gives them very good morale in battle. Solace. The naginata developed as an anti-cavalry weapon used to cut down horses, then their riders. In the battlefield context of ranks&formations of the late 15th and 16th century, the naginata wasn't the ideal weapon except for the small bands of samurai that fought behind the pikes walls; however in this period there was the development of the yari in all of its variations which simply outclassed the functions of the naginata, leaving the weapon for a very small niche of warriors. The blade measured anywhere from several centimeters long, to 3 feet (0.9 meters) or more. The blades were made out of the same high-quality steel as the katanaand japanese arrowheads forged by samurai. Especially in a game where 3/4 of the infantry units have an anti-cav bonus. The spears were more common than the katana during … Continue reading "The Japanese Spear (Yari)" Shogun 2 - 6000 Cavalry vs. Long Yari Ashigaru (Massive Battle) - Duration: 7:54. The more battles I go through the more I realize that Yari Ashigaru are the only defensive infantry you need in the campaign. With the spear you take the initiative, the halberd is more defensive. Yari for balance reasons is anti calv, swords are anti infantry, naginata is a compromise of both. Yari 槍) is the term for ... Polearms (including naginata and yari) were of much greater military use than swords, due to their significantly longer reach, lighter weight per unit length (though overall a polearm would be fairly hefty), and their great piercing ability. Polearms have a very effective reach in melee fighting. The design of the weapon was based on the Chinese Pu Dao. The ashigaru usually used yari measuring anywhere from four to six meters(13.2 to 20 feet). The Yari is one of the first Japanese weapons, derived from ancient Chinese spears. An assumption regarding going up against a yari is that the opposition would take up a polearm as well, which would usually turn into yari vs yari, or yari vs naginata. Yari awase (yari against naginata) consists of six kata, tachi awase (tachi agains naginata) of nine kata and naginata awase (naginata against naginata) of one kata. "The halberd [naginata, + note this should be translated as glaive as well] is inferior to the spear [yari] on the battlefield. The Defense is Better than Katana Samurai,but Worse than Yari Samurai,6. I don't think this is a problem with those Samurai per se, as Ashigaru are cost effective against pretty much everything. However, about axe vs naginata, I have to agree with @春秋戰國, that claim doesn't make sense. 2. The spear with the katana-like blades are called naginata. Yari/Naginata Samurai have the rapid advance ability and are fantastic when attacking a fortress or a line of archers since they can close the walls/line faster than Yari Ashigaru and can hold the line far better than your Ashigaru if the enemy has cavalry backing them up. The naginata is versatile for sure, as you can both cut and thrust, however it requires much more space to use effectively.

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