This jawa yezdi bike was quiet famous in rallies and road races across India. May 7, 2020 - Explore Tom cruz's board "Yezdi roadking" on Pinterest. The fact that there is no engine braking from that 250cc single cylinder air-cooled two stroker doesn’t help either. ( Log Out /  We could hear the distinctive exhaust note a mile away, for the sound of those twin exhaust pipes were impossible to mimic. Handing the bike back to our generous friend, I can’t help but smile a little. The Yezdi doesn’t seem like a trick bike anymore. What the seller says in the advertisement though is that the bike has been fully restored. Like all other 2-stroke bikes we had, this one also doing good business in the second-hand sale market. How many know about Yezdi Roadking vintage bike? A faded and dusty Roadking showed up at his place when I and Kyle Pereira happened to be there. For the same, we have brought you a fully restored Yezdi Roadking motorcycle which is in excellent condition and is up for sale. Not anymore. “Use the heel to get the gears to change,” the owner had told me before I had swung a leg over the near mint condition bike. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. See more ideas about Yezdi roadking, Motorcycle, Bike. Before the stricter emission laws restricted the sale of 2 stroke motorcycles in India, they were quite popular among the masses. I remember dad telling me that Yezdis were quick to accelerate. The seat was handcrafted keeping in mind the light character and the seating is not the world most comfiest but facilitates the speed of the bike as the rider sits on in a crouch position, hence the linear motion of the bike points forwards. The inspiration was the 1920 style Bonneville bikes with the Triumphs being run on the old British style hard tails. Dec 26, 2017, 12:16 PM. Bikes likes the Yamaha RX100 and the Yezdi Roadking became very popular during those times, though finding one in good condition today can be quite a task. The yezdi road king is real road king to except any people to rewrite the wings this bike belongs to muscle one . Share. ( Log Out /  I have always associated a Yezdi with my class teacher from third standard. #yezdi #bmodel #idealjawa…”, 664 Likes, 1 Comments - Jawa CZ Motorcycles (@jawaczmoto) on Instagram: “Jawa 250cc 1961 Photo courtesy of @atiqfirnaz More photos on -…”, Originally Posted by Rennjit MYJ 2001- is there anything different about it? If interested, you can take check out more details about this Yezdi Roadking and contact its seller here. Yezdi Roadking was also the original name under which this article was created, which was appropriate, unlike the current pedantic name. But if you’re looking for something entirely different then this custom bobber might just work for you. Why vintage RE Bullet 350 had so much fame ? Getting the Road King to stop at the end of our short ride requires a complete rearrangement of brain circuitry. Roadking was the successor of Yezdi Oil King, which was a market failure due to some technical drawbacks. Brief history of the Yezdi Roadking The Yezdi Roadking was manufactured between 1978-1996 and the model was particularly based on its predecessor CZ 250, which booked the runner-up place in 1974 Motocross World Championship and the bike was rode by Jaroslav Falta. Cartoq is India’s largest auto content company with more than 20 million users accessing the latest automobile news, new launches, reviews & other trending stories every month… See More, © 2020 CarToq – India’s #1 auto content site, All rights reserved | Copyright Policy | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy, Fully restored, used Yezdi Roadking retro 2 stroke motorcycle in excellent condition for sale, Well-kept, used BMW 5-Series sedan selling for less than a Maruti Dzire. Or maybe my sense of propulsion is different. Aninda. Yezdi Road King: Gone, But not Forgotten. Like. No further edits should be made to this section. How could we? Have you heard about this tiny vintage Rajdoot-GTS bike? -Two Stroke Engine with higher Torque Have you forgotten the vintage Yamaha RD 350 bike? However the Jawa is already a fast little bike and didn’t needed to many things to make it quick.”. – riders pride, 5 friction plates running in oil bath automatically operated during gear changing. Classic bikes are tough and it just needs some TLC to bring them the glory they deserve. The bike wears a light yellow paint job and is in almost stock condition which is a good thing. The yezdi road king is a muscular and metallic body bike that’s suits a very modular and glossy looks. and cruise to a top speed of 120 kmph. Talking of restorations, here’s one that should give you an idea of how a bike left for 16 years could look after being taken care by the right hands. No aftermarket parts ruin the look of this Roadking 250. The company manufactured Czech Jawa bikes under licence before making them as Yezdi, the name a nod to the Iranian province of Yazd, where the owners of the company originally hailed from. -Semi Clutch How many know about Yezdi Roadking vintage bike? A faded and dusty Roadking showed up at his place when I and Kyle Pereira happened to be there. ( Log Out /  It’s slightly unnerving at first for someone used to modern discs because the damn thing doesn’t seem to slow down. Passion for Yezdi & Jawa . Roadking was the successor of Yezdi Oil King, which was a market failure due to some technical drawbacks. At the front, the round headlight features a black grille while the forks have been painted black. The Yezdi Roadking was a rival of the Royal Enfield Bullet in the 90s and became very popular back in the day. And due to this particular reason, this was one such bike with so many fans and followers. One of the major advantages of two-stroke bikes was their quick acceleration and lightweight build which made them quite fun to ride. The engine with the logo of Yezdi embedded on it is just another part of the royalty of this bike. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Roadking was the successor of Yezdi OilKing, which was a market failure due to some technical drawbacks. Rather, it is a reflection of the days of my old teacher. A lot of bike enthusiasts still own two-stroke beauties that were made before the 2000s. And the Roadking too made a mark for itself in most of the rallies held in India. And then the dual exhaust pipes! why Ducati Diavel has Diesel limited edition ? See more ideas about Yezdi roadking, Motorcycle, Bike. this is a 150cc bike . Comments 0. The seller has not mentioned its odometer reading or the number of owners this bike has seen till date and hence that is something you’ll need to confirm before you buy the bike. Reply as Brand. Dec 11, 2015 10:44 PM Read. It can draw a maximum torque of 2.43 kgm @ 4250 rpm. The twin lead drums up front and another drum at the rear don’t have the bite they used to, 34 years ago. The yezdi road king is real road king to except any people to rewrite the wings this bike belongs to muscle one . The above discussion is preserved as an archive of a requested move. With the custom bike culture picking up pace, it’s the right time to invest in a classic and rest-mod it. I guess his idea of acceleration was different from mine. It was an impulsive decision, partly thanks to my friend Karan Lokhande who now runs MotoMatic Restorations in Bangalore. The power train is the same, but it uses different tyres (19-inch up front and 17 inch at the rear), has a totally different design, and even gets a mono shock. @rk_sans, any reason behind the title 'Twin head' I do like those Twins but not the singles for the loud note from two, 166 Likes, 3 Comments - Jawa Motorcycles (@jawamotorcycles) on Instagram: “Jawa 250cc 1974 with Tank Pads More photos on - (Link in…”, 118 Likes, 4 Comments - Jawa Motorcycles (@jawamotorcycles) on Instagram: “Yezdi 250cc classic Photo courtesy @top_of_the_toppos More photos on -…”, 29 Likes, 0 Comments - NITIN DE ROY'CE (@nitinderoyce) on Instagram: “1956 JAWA 250 with tank switch #motorcycle #bikelife #motorbike #bike #moto #yamaha #motorcycles…”.

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