Other Player's Commander Decks of Interest, Achieved #68 position overall 3 years ago. Today, however, we aren’t running any of the possible Cascade combos, but using Yidris to play free good stuff after playing other good stuff! Well this section is up to you but I'll purpose the following categories.

Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder is a 4 Colour Commander who originally debuted in Commander 2016. Ultimately this deck is highly customizable able to fit whatever you want to do with it and can be built very strong. This is about abusing Cascade and extra attacks. Not too bad for 2 mana.

I focused on getting tutors with "On the Top of your Library" effects so I can Yidris into them, or use Miracles at opportune times.

being UBRG we got alot of access to nasty targeted removal, things such asCyclonic Rift then Wheeling just screwed everyone. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Just reading the text on this card is a clear indicator of how insanely powerful Yidris is. 1 Acidic Slime - Makes a strong blocker with deathtouch, destroys a land/artifact/enchantment when it enters. MTG Amino houses all things Magic: the Gathering related. This is a group of creatures sets its focus on Draw power, while also having some other nasty effect on the board. 27. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog.

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Sense Edh is a casual format and is not sanctioned you don't have to grab from side board go grab that and start small games of mtg. 1 Nylea, God of the Hunt - Free trample enabler, can pump Yidris to get damage in against blockers. 1 Putrefy - Unconditional creature or artifact removal, which prevents regeneration much like Terminate. One particularly powerful interaction can be seen by casting Scapeshift with Amulet of Vigor on the board. It does its job well and consistently, and it’s job is to pump out powerful spells for free after casting other powerful spells!

1 Terminate - Cheap, unconditional removal that kills regeneration in fringe cases. Thassa lightly synergies with the cascade theme as does Aqueous Form, and Whispersilk Cloak doubles as protection. Great to play early or to Cascade into.

I’m left, then, with the option to dismantle the deck for parts, or significantly alter it in some way. Perhaps the only EDH deck I’ve been happier with was my Merieke Ri Berit control. It may be easier to count on a handful of Yidris triggers throughout the game to gain smaller edges, rather than go off on turn 4 or 5. 1 Asceticism - Gives all of our creatures hexproof and regeneration.

Mulldrifter can Divination, Ingot Chewer and Smelt and Shriekmaw can Terror, all with an extra large Cascade trigger!

Has the same Cascade trick as Baral’s! Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Maelstrom Pulse can target any non land giving me freedom of choice of what to get rid of. 1 Curtains’ Call - Destroys 2 creature threats, plus cost reduction allows us the full Cascade, as previously seen with the Delve and Evoke examples! Now that some of those complications are out of the way, here’s the 99!

And Scroll Rack/Library are a little out of my budget. Attention! 1 Thragtusk - Gives a bit of life gain, not to relevant, but leaves behind a smaller Beast buddy when he goes away. Tasigur can be played for a little as B with Delve, hitting anything with CMC 5 or less, and helps get us powerful cards from the graveyard to cast with Cascade later! Example: Now that we have the basic idea of how to abuse cascade what are we trying to get for free?

It’s worth the trade off! It always seemed like my late game cards showed up early and vice versa because of the distinct half and half nature of the deck. MTG Amino houses all things Magic: the Gathering related. It seems like it'd synergize with your deck pretty well.

First order of business making sure damage goes through. they are totally necessary for commander, esp. It’s a lot of fun to play cards into other insanely powerful cards, and I hope I helped you with a deck for a Commander with no clear strategy! Can be devastating against Voltron.

1 See the Unwritten - Drops a big Creature on the battlefield, and in the late game, more often than not you get 2 creatures out of the deal.

I've been seeing many people hate on this guy having no real appreciation for him; mainly focusing on Breya and Atraxa. 1 Rishkar’s Expertise - Draws us cards equal to the highest power of our creatures, then we get to play another spell for free!

School is taking a toll on me but I’m still gonna try to post from time to time!

This is the deck I’ll finally tech today, so let’s delve deeper! tenticaltherapy 10/29/16 .

Lets Yidris swing with no challenge. I spent hours building up piles of cards I wanted to play, then trimming them down one by one.

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