Fluffal Monsters: A Fantastically Friendly Review. The Sacred Beasts, known in Japan as the Three Phantom Demons are three powerful monsters released in the Shadow of Infinity booster set, then in the Dark Revelation Volume 4 booster set and finally released in the Collector Tin Series Promos: The plot in the second half the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX was based on preventing their revival. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Sacred Beast Structure Deck" Card List and Spoiler. However, there are some Fiends(or Spell Cards that let you summon Fiend Tokens) in the deck, so you can summon Raviel also quit easily. RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh: The 10 Best Earth Xyz Monsters, Ranked. Read more. Like the rest of this list, this is an Ultra-Rare and Secret-Rare card. "Doom Shaman" can Special Summon powerful monsters from your hand to be Tributed to boost the ATK of "Raviel" and "Dark Ruler Ha Des" negates the effects of cards destroyed by Fiends. If this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: Target 1 card on the field; destroy that target. (This card is always treated as an "Ultimate Crystal" card.) Send 1 monster from your hand to the GY; Special Summon 1 Level 1 monster from your hand or Deck. • 1+: Each time your opponent Normal or Special Summons a monster(s): Gain LP equal to the ATK of that monster(s). Unlike the God Cards, however, they possess certain visual cues that make them distinct from their predecessors, including translucent wings and more pronounced claws and skeletal features. You can reveal this card in your hand; your opponent randomly chooses 1 card from your entire hand, then you discard the chosen card. Although Yubel didn't use them in her final Duel with Jaden, "Raviel" was shown to be in her Deck. Meaning this big red beast needs to be played with a strategy to be effective, and lacks the out of the gate strength that the rest of the list possesses. Once they existed. When this card resolves, change all monsters your opponent controls to face-down Defense Position. :The Sacred Cards GAMEBOY-A Cards Password Enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding cards … The first of the Egyptian God cards to make the list, Slifer the Sky Dragon was named for the contributions of producer Roger Slifer. Chupacabra!" Surely the world-saving archetype that the hero wields is undeniably one of the best decks in the game? You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) to your opponent's side of the field in Attack Position, by Tributing 1 monster they control. Sacred Beasts with the new Armityle card. Agent Takes the Spotlight in a Character-Driven Debut. Should "Heavy Storm" be used, "Mask of Darkness" can help return any lost Traps. Also the word Hamon means blade pattern, referring to the wave like patterns found on Japan's iconic weapon). Yu-Gi-Oh! Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Deck Information; Deck Type: Meta Decks: Deck Master: Armityle the Chaos Phantom: TCG/OCG: OCG: Submission Date: March 10th 2020: Author: Lithium2300: YGOPRODeck File Download : View in Online Deck Builder Purchase on TCGplayer Text View YDKe : Sacred Beast 2020. Surely the world-saving archetype that the hero wields is undeniably one of the best decks in the game? First of all, with a name like Obelisk the Tormentor, it's hard not to recognize power. There are alot of Continous Trap cards in this decks, because Uria requires it boost his attack. If this card is Special Summoned, or if another monster is Special Summoned from the GY to your field while you control this monster: You can target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; inflict damage to your opponent equal to half its original ATK. And with the coming of this horror, those who draw breath shall know the true meaning of eternal slumber.". They were thus locked away once more. If you have trouble drawing what you need, cards like "Marshmallon", "Spirit Reaper" and "Chaos Burst" stall your opponent. Raviel, Lord of Phantasms - Shimmering Scraper. Sacred Beast 2020 . So i would recommend using Dark Summoning Beast on Hamon and Raviel. Despite their on-again-off-again relationship with canon, these cards hit at the very essence of the card game that took America and Japan by storm and are eye-catchers for anime fans everywhere. Then they didn't, and now they do again. You can only use this effect of "Dark Summoning Beast" once per turn. When this card is Tribute Summoned, you can pay 2000 Life Points to select 2 Fiend-Type monsters from your Graveyard and Special Summon them. Raviel can also gain attack points and defend other monsters from being decimated, giving him. Toggle Deck List; Monster: Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder x2. It is only fitting that this Odinson barely tops out his step-brother. A Hamon Deck is based around Summoning "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder" using Continuous Spell Cards. It can also be used with stalling Continuous Spell Cards like "Messenger of Peace", "Level Limit - Area B" and "Stumbling". 1 OCG/TCG "Sacred Beast" cards 2 Anime "Sacred Beast" cards 3 Manga "Sacred Beast" cards 4 All "Sacred Beast" cards This is a list of "Sacred Beast" cards. After Duel Academy is transported to an alternate dimension in the third season, a Yubel-possessed Marcel Bonaparte retrieves the Sacred Beasts and builds a Deck around them, which boosts the Summoning speed of the Sacred Beasts and also supports the Summoning of their combined form, "Armityle the Chaos Phantom".

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