Any suggestion is greatly appreciate. In this case, it is suggested that you replace the rice cooker with the latest model. You may face a starch problem when you see that your rice kernels are sticking together like gums. Also after finished cooking, press cancel, unplug, but the time is still display on the screen. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The microprocessor control system and intelligent sensors of Zojirushi rice cooker constantly monitor the cooking process, providing excellent results consistently. Most of the time the causes for improperly Listed below are the 9 most common problems encountered and the solution(s) for those issues: A rice cooker, like all kitchen appliances, requires cleaning and maintenance to stay in peak condition. Couple weeks ago, the rice around the top and top border turning hard when keeping warm to the next day. Because my older rice cooker almost all doesn’t come with the detachable inner lids. When this occurs, it’s important to follow the troubleshooting tips provided by Zojirushi but if that information isn’t available, this article is designed to help resolve any problems encountered. I checked the inner lid seal and steam vent and everything looked good and no clog. Hi Mario, All you have to do is to rinse the excess starch off the rice before cooking. I mistakenly dumped washed rice in the Neuro Fuzzy (NS-ZCC10) rice cooker and some grains got into the part underneath the pressure sensor in the middle of the heating plate. Good luck cooking rice in a healthy proper way!!! Thanks a lot. Kirkland Cookware vs Calphalon: What’s The Difference? I’m having an issue with my rice cooker that I don’t see mentioned above and wonder if you would know what is going on. Don’t wanna impose on anyone. First things first, you have to keep in mind that your safety comes the earliest. So, if there are chances of thermal cutoffs in the rice cooker, you shouldn’t tweak it up yourself, and asking the electrician’s help is the right choice. Instead, push it in the lid opening button. Sending the machine to a factory repair center is quite expensive, both for the repair and the postage. • Did you loosen the rice after cooking was completed? -* You need to press the COOKING button to complete setting the Timer. Thx. Have you had a chance to read my question? Before assuming the problem lies in the hardware, it’s best to diagnose other cheaper options. You need to replace the lid assembly. Best of luck, Mario. Well, that’s not such a big deal. How to Troubleshoot Rice-Cooking Problems By Nick Marshall Some rice versions are meant to be sticky. That's its purpose. And, let the rice to cook for five minutes. When there are issues with the I just bought the NS-TSC10. If so, which holder/battery? With all forms of rice, fluff the grains with a fork at the end, but never during cooking, or the starches will turn the rice mushy. When a problem arises, customers are encouraged to perform a thorough inspection of the rice cooker before attempting to perform any troubleshooting activity. The problem with most rice cookers is the cleaning. Here’s the answer again: •Was the rice kept warm with the spatula left in the pan? You may face a starch problem when you see that your rice kernels are sticking together like gums. One option is to turn the rice cooker upside down and shake it until the grains fall out (just like you would do with a computer keyboard). If another appliance is plugged in the same outlet as the Rice Cooker, unplug it before resetting the breaker. It’s better to not cook in a faulty rice cooker as it may lead into many kinds of danger such as electricity overpowering, getting burst out, chances of electric shock, and many fatal accidents. I mean you’ve got your options open, right? The lid is secure and we don’t know what’s wrong. More posts from the RiceCookerRecipes community. I opened up the interior and checked the fuse – it’s not burnt out (i.e. As it is an electronic cooking device, we should acknowledge the facts of using it for cooking grains properly. Write your answer in the comments below. Leaving rice in the Inner Cooking Pan without using the Keep Warm mode may cause unwanted odor. So we all surely have to be more practical to avoid cooking fuss. Even in this hectic lifestyle, there is time to prepare and most important enjoy a home-cooked meal. If there weren’t one, you’d have to set the clock again when you plug the machine in. Usually, the culprit for yellow rice is the water itself. Best case scenario: broken fuse NEWS & INFO. On the other hand, overcooking issue may be caused by the quantity of water. I am the owner of the Kitchen Guru Ideas. There are many reasons why a rice cooker suddenly stops working but a common one is a blown fuse. Just now tried to open by fork but failed , need some help. If it’s not, I suggest you either take a look at the fuse (if you have the knowledge to do this) or just buy a new one. It’s possible, but this is the worst-case scenario. Check the lid seal for any cracks and other abnormalities. Known for manufacturing high-quality and durable rice cookers, the Zojirushi cooker offers many features other rice cookers don’t. Unplug the machine, hold the power button for a few seconds, and plug it back in. Same purpose. have tried various outlets with good power supply but it isn’t working. Automatic Rice Cooker & Warmer NS-RPC10KT. Unfortunately, I can’t help you more because electronic repair isn’t really my strong suit. • Did you press the COOKING button after setting the time? I’m not sure if the inner lid is the issue with mine so hope you can help. The Neuro Fuzzy makes sublime sushi rice and is great at other varieties, even basmati, which is … I was unable to get the rice out with a plastic tong and they have gone further under the heating plate. You can simply reposition the wires or replace them on your own. Automatic Rice Cooker & Warmer NS-RPC10/18. Please help? (Answered), 7 Steps To Fix Cuisinart Coffee Maker Self Clean Not Working. If the condensation is leaking into the cooker itself, then you have a big problem. All in all, you should replace the power cords. What problems did you have with your Zojirushi Rice Cooker? Hi Sunil, I assume you jammed the fork around the lid. • Is the REGULAR KEEP WARM or EXTENDED KEEP WARM light on? Where the bottom layer is burned, the remaining rice will have to be salvaged before the flavor spreads. So when I open the lid it all starts to drain out towards the back of the unit and makes a huge mess. Must-Know Tips for Baking Perfect Cookies, Must-Have Cookie Decorating Tools and Equipment. cooked rice are easy to identify and correct. Then you have to let it to rest for 20-30 minutes to cut back on their thickness. And then again, it’s always safer to cook rice in a rice cooker. Lucky me, I detached it one day and was horrified.

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